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WTF is PMD? I’m Gonna Tell Ya! [VIDEO]

First of all, microdermabrasion basically translates to exfoliation that ain’t f*ing around. You can spend lots o’ cheddah gettin’ this procedure done professionally or you can do it yourself en su casa for cheap! Here’s...

September 26, 2012By Leave A Comment!

3 Natural Anti-Aging Tips for Youthful Skin

You were always on the quest for that magical potion that would guarantee eternal youth. But what if this potion for anti-aging was handed to you in natural ways? Nothing better, of course! To successfully combat the effects of aging, it is necessary...

September 7, 2011By 1 Comment

Anti-Aging Flower Power

As a lady in my early 30s (I done did say it, people), I’m definitely interested in staying young-looking for as long as possible. My main goal is to look 28 when I’m 62. I’ve been stocking up on under-eye creams, anti-wrinkle...

January 10, 2011By 5 Comments
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