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Affordable Fashion: 88 Handbags Review + Coupon

I have a new friend, y’all. She’s absolutely gorgeous, she makes me smile, she’s kind to animals, and she helps me keep my ish¬†together. Ladies and germs, please meet Carol, mah new purse from 88 Handbags. ūüôā I just recently...

July 5, 2016By 1 Comment

Eco-Friendly Wardrobe Refresh with ThredUP

Lately, when I’ve been in the mood to shop for clothes without¬†breaking the bank, I’ve been hitting up Goodwills, organizing and attending clothing swaps, stalking websites for √ľber sales, and spending waaaaay more time than I probably...

May 4, 2016By 2 Comments

Adventure Kitty Apparel Review & Giveaway!

Gah, sometimes I’m overwhelmed¬†with so much furry purry kitty¬†cuteness that I feel like my squee button is going to burst! ‚Üź Spoken like a true crazy cat lady, amiright? ūüėČ I heart kittehs SO much, especially my beloved four-legged...

April 22, 2016By Leave A Comment!

Matt & Nat Mitsuko Mini Vintage Handbag Review

Ladies and germs, meet mah new friend,¬†Mitsuko (Mini).¬†‚ô•¬†‚ô•¬†‚ô• *moment of silence to soak in the beautitude* Ain’t she gorg? Y’all, I can’t believe I haven’t written about Matt & Nat on VBR until now! M&N...

March 9, 2016By 2 Comments

JORD Frankie Purpleheart & Plum Wood Watch Review

Guess what time it is! It’s time to talk about time, in the form of delicious arm¬†candy, yo! I have to admit, I’m not an avid watch wearer, but I do enjoy a stunning piece of jewelry that tick-tocks from time to time. The kind folks...

February 24, 2016By Leave A Comment!

Etsy Rave: Studio Lil Septum Rings

I recently got my septum pierced (you can peep my YouTube video on that here)! Y’all¬†I spent countless hours (probably 5,627 of them) online searching for the prettiest and most perfect septum¬†rings… BVLA, Anatometal, Amazon, etsy,...

February 16, 2016By 1 Comment

Eco-Friendly Jewelry from Costa Rican designer Ana Gutierrez

Lately¬†I’ve been all about quality over quantity when it comes to statement fashion pieces, and most especially when it comes to jewelry. There was a time (let’s be real, yesterday!) when I would clear out Claire’s $1 jewelry...

February 5, 2016By 1 Comment

ModCloth’s 70% Off Sale (TONS of Vegan Options)

ModCloth is an online hub for vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and home decor – everything, and I mean everything on their site is ridiculously adorable¬†(and super vegan-friendly)!! I’m such a bargain freak that I...

January 8, 2016By 2 Comments

Sustainable Gift Giving with prAna [Review + Giveaway]

If you‚Äôre new to PrAna, they make eco (using organic and recycled materials), fair trade¬†clothes and accessories¬†for outdoorys active folks (and slightly less outdoorsy active folks like myself, too). ūüėČ Their stuff is adventure-friendly,...

December 18, 2015By 25 Comments

Chakra Love’s Communication & Passion Talis Review

Eee, my Insta homegirl¬†Jeri¬†makes gorrrrgeous¬†jewelry. GORGEOUS. If y’all are into healing crystals like I am, def check out¬†Chakra Love’s¬†new¬†Passion Collection. Each talisman features stones to help conceive, implement, create,...

December 8, 2015By Leave A Comment!

VBR Fashion Rave: Comfy & Chic Wedges from TOMS

I ‚ô• wedgies…¬†not the pants-up-the-booty-crack kind, but the shoe kind. They’re cozy, easy to walk in, they make you taller, and when you find the right pair‚ÄĒthey make you feel¬†shmexy, especially when paired with a flirty¬†skirt,...

December 3, 2015By Leave A Comment!

Canopy Verde Heights Vegan Crossbody Handbag Review + Giveaway!

Sometimes I think I need a new handbag like I need a pound of deep-fried lard nuggets covered in fish farts (did I top “hole in the head” or what?). J/K, gimme ALL the vegan handbags! While I take mad pride in my collection of cruelty-free...

November 23, 2015By Leave A Comment!
3-Piece Lip Set with $75 or more purchase

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