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Glam It Up with Rock-n-Roll Vegan Makeup

My vegan makeup collection is so gigantor, that sometimes I feel like my bathroom is a Sephora. I feel blessed to live in a world where amazing vegan cosmetics are everywhere! Woo-hoooo!  Johnny Concert (founded by Joanna, who also happens to...

June 2, 2010By 7 Comments

The best vegan mascaras are revealed!

Special guest post by Keri of I Eat Trees When I first made the switch to vegan cosmetics, mascara was my biggest challenge.  Even the “natural” products seemed to all contain beeswax, at the very least.  After a little research,...

May 20, 2010By 20 Comments

Urban Decay: Shimmery, edgy and fun!

Special guest post by Jennifer VanWie-Dobson I wanted new eyes. Rather, I wanted to give my eyes a lift with some new eyeshadow. I started reminiscing about shadows from days gone by and my mind wandered to Urban Decay. I landed on their...

May 4, 2010By 2 Comments

Emani Minerals: 100% vegan makeup

There are a lot of makeup companies that have a few select vegan or cruelty-free items but how nice would it be to take out the guess work and label reading process when finding vegan cosmetics? Well, Emani Minerals is a completely vegan, gluten-free,...

February 18, 2010By 5 Comments

The softest, cruelty-free makeup brushes have arrived!

Compassionate beauty consumers everywhere should rejoice! If you think wearing fur is archaic and gross, you should definitely extend that sentiment to your beauty regimen. Not only are fur makeup brushes unethical but they also harbor bacteria...

December 2, 2009By 5 Comments

This glitter girl likes cruelty-free Urban Decay

For more info: Urban Decay...

November 18, 2009By 6 Comments

Get that Brazilian glow at home!

Christopher Drummond makes a luxurious, premium line of natural, organic, vegan cosmetics that don’t contain animal byproducts, artificial preservatives or chemicals, mineral oil, titanium dioxide or bismuth oxychloride. His products are...

February 17, 2009By 2 Comments

Eden Organix presents Stript: It’s about what you’re not wearing.

I recently came across a brand new line of mineral makeup by way of Eden Organix, a convenient one stop online shop for all of your organic, natural beauty essentials. They carry all of the brands we know and love like Juice Beauty, Jane Iredale,...

December 23, 2008By Leave A Comment!

Afterglow brings you natural high fashion makeup

Afterglow Cosmetics offer pure mineral makeup that is not only organic but is also highly pigmented and long wearing. Many Hollywood makeup artists have made the switch to Afterglow. I’ve been using mineral makeup for about 3 years now...

August 11, 2008By Leave A Comment!

Rae Cosmetics is for girls on the go

Rae Cosmetics is going to make a lot of chicks who live in hot, humid climates very very happy! Rae is also designed for women who lead active lives and prefer makeup that is functional as well as beauty enhancing. This no nonsense makeup, which...

May 26, 2008By 1 Comment

Vegan makeup is where it’s at!

Herbs of Grace is dedicated to providing quality skin care products and cosmetics using the finest natural ingredients that are free of chemicals & preservatives and are cruelty-free & vegan! This is a great place to buy mineral foundations,...

May 19, 2008By Leave A Comment!

Kilynn Cosmetics make you go Mmmm…

Kilynn Cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free and are made with natural oils, butters, proteins and extracts that leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. This unique line features sweet smelling body creams, body washes, mineral makeup and...

May 12, 2008By Leave A Comment!
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