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Longtime vegan, hardcore compassionate beauty junkie, serious cake aficionado, and lover of all things floofy and sparkly! If there's something in particular you'd like me to review, drop me a line at
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DIY Summer Beauty Essentials [VIDEO]

It’s (almost) summa summa summa time, and I’m comin’ atcha with some super simple, non-toxic recipes for hot weather essentials like bug spray, SPF, dusting powder, and spray-on deodorant (that actually works!). Peep these...

May 29, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Review – Spring 2017

As you guys know, Vegan Cuts now has a quarterly MAKEUP BOX, and it’s all kinds of wonderful!! It delivers 4+ full-size vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics to match each season. From lipstick to mascara to luxe nail lacquer, they’ve got...

May 23, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Vegan Cookie Butter Taste Test!

Momi and I put 3 brands of vegan cookie butter (one of the greatest foods on the planet!) to the test to see which one is the über BEST! Y’all are gonna wanna run to the store to get your paws on the winning one STAT – it’s...

May 22, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Shankara Review: How Fab Ayurvedic Skincare Can Transform Your Skin

Being the crunchy, all-natural (for the most part) beauty guru that I am, I often find myself gravitating toward Ayurvedic products for my skincare needs. Ayurveda (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) is an ancient holistic Hindu science...

May 19, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Review – May 2017

It’s Goddess Provisions unboxing day! If you’re new to GP, it’s a vegan subscription box founded by the peeps from Vegan Cuts, and it’s probably one of my favorite subby boxes EVAH. I especially love that it’s curated “to...

May 17, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Nails of the Day: Sienna Byron Bay Dotticure

Happy vegan & cruelty-free Manicure Monday! I recently got my paws on some new nail pretties from Sienna Byron Bay (all the way from Australia!), and I decided to dotticure it up this week using these 5 shades: Nurture – delicate,...

May 15, 2017By 1 Comment

BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box Review + Coupon – April 2017

It’s BuddhiBox review day! If you’re new to BuddhiBox, it’s catered to peeps who enjoy yoga, healthy living, and mindfulness. This subscription box is set up so that each month you’ll receive 4-6 thoughtfully curated products (samples...

May 12, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Healing Natural Oils for Face, Body & Hair Review

Whenever I get asked what my #1 beauty tip is, I always recommend that people start using beauty oils from head to toe every single day. As a big proponent of DIY beauty, I’m constantly incorporating oils into my a.m. and p.m. routines....

May 11, 2017By 4 Comments

Four Eco-Friendly Reasons to Love LUSH Even MORE

I’ve been a longtime LUSHie (since 2005?), and their ever growing line of colorfully fun (and often sparkly) hair, bath and body products always make me giddy. While I knew the company was cruelty-free and super vegan-friendly, I don’t...

May 10, 2017By Leave A Comment!

April 2017 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

Y’all, it’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box unboxing time! If this is the first time you’re hearing about this rad subscription service, it’s a monthly beauty box ($22.95/month with free shipping) that delivers 4-7 vegan and cruelty-free items...

May 9, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Deal Alert: Love Goodly’s Free Gift with Purchase ($30 Value)

One of my favorite vegan, cruelty-free & non-toxic lifestyle subby boxes, Love Goodly, is offering an exclusive gift with purchase right now that’s too good not to share. If you sign up for their bi-monthly subscription box this...

May 8, 2017By Leave A Comment!

Whisper Challenge with My Mama [VIDEO]

My mama’s in town, so I thought I’d make a fun video with her. Enjoy! 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! If y’all wanna subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can do so here (TIA). What other types of fun videos would you like...

May 8, 2017By Leave A Comment!
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