4 Ways To Convince Your Family to Go Vegan

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While vegans know that veganism is a fantastic way to live a healthy and cruelty-free life, others will take more convincing. But you don’t want to be one of those vegans who lectures all day and all night. This is not the way to convince anybody of anything, but there are still ways for you to educate your family and persuade them to change their eating habits. 

Know Your Audience

Not everybody is the same, which means you can’t use one sales pitch for your whole family. Instead, you need to understand your audience and adapt your encouragement to suit them. If you’re trying to convince your dad that veganism is the way to go, you might want to offer examples of things he likes. Likewise, a younger brother who lives off fast food or cookies might be more confident going vegan if he knows he can still get his nugget or sugar fix. You might want to avoid the food part of veganism altogether and instead approach it from a health angle. 

Show The Health Benefits 

Speaking of health angles, you can prove that veganism is a fantastic dietary choice by showing them the health benefits. You can do this by showing before and after pictures of people who have embraced veganism or showing them studies and articles from Clarins that confirm that going vegan is a fantastic way to take care of your body. Many people are often worried about nutrition and a balanced diet when it comes to veganism, so show them examples of supplements or vegan food products that contain an ample amount of protein or other essentials. 

Inspire Curiosity

No one will turn vegan if they can’t see that there is not much difference between that and regular food if prepared right. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to make yourself a vegan meal for family dinner or order it if you go out for a meal with everybody. Sometimes, all it takes is seeing that vegan food can look exactly like regular food, and your family might ask you to identify different ingredients that look like the types of food they are used to eating.

Let Them Try Vegan Foods

The final stage of the vegan conversion adventure is to let them try vegan foods. You could do this by treating them a vegan meal or grabbing vegan snacks from the supermarket. At the very least, this will change their minds about what vegan food is and what it tastes like, showing them that even if it is plant-based, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still delicious. From here, they might embrace a vegan diet entirely, or they might take baby steps, gradually replacing their regular meals with vegan substitutes until you become one happy vegan family. 

Better Living

Going vegan will not just ensure your family can eat better; it will also do wonders for the environment and help them feel like they are doing something to ensure our planet can thrive. Of course, they still might need time to adjust, so don’t be too harsh on them if they slip up. Keep encouraging them about the right way to go.

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