10 Hygiene, Health and Beauty Tips To Try This Summer

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It’s day number only-goodness-knows of quarantine, and hopefully, you are doing good and keeping safe. Although it seems you might have to reschedule this year’s summer plans, your beauty should not be one of them. As part of your self-care process in this period, here are some hygienic, healthy and not to mention, vegan-friendly beauty tips you should try this summer.

1. Wash your makeup brushes regularly

It is so easy to forget to clean your makeup brushes often, yet this is important. Product build-up left on the brushes can cause a rash or pimple breakout. By simply washing your brush in warm and soapy water as often as possible, you would be treating your face with some much-needed love.

2. Replace old makeup products

It’s true that many women treasure their favourite lipsticks, especially those ‘special occasion’ lipsticks that have been in their makeup bags for years. If that describes you, it’s time to let go of that old lipstick. Expired makeup products can contain many bacteria, and using them could cause skin irritation, hives, humps, or an acne breakout. It will be better to replace your old products than to suffer such consequences.

3. Take the necessary dental care.

Summer is selfie season (well, every day is), and you want to be able to showcase your pearly whites confidently. For this reason, you should invest in good dental hygiene. Superdrug Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste and Polished London’s Teeth Whitening Powder are two of many vegan and cruelty-free dental products. They do not just whiten your teeth but also contain agents needed to keep your teeth healthy and strong and your breath fresh. Cosmetic dentistry is another dental option you can consider. By doing this, you get to take care of other dental problems that simple brushing may fail to resolve and bring back your confident smile.

4. Exfoliate frequently

Exfoliating your face and body is a satisfying beauty self-care routine. Not only is it therapeutic, but it also keeps your skin healthy and clean. By exfoliating, you remove dirt on your skin and dead skin- leaving your skin fresh and smooth. You can purchase a vegan-friendly from your local beauty or drugstore or easily make your own at home.

5. Wash your face every morning and every night before bed 

When you wake up, you should give your face a good wash, this wakes you up and refreshes you. It is crucial to wash your face before you go to bed as well. Especially, if you had makeup on, use vegan-friendly makeup removal wipes, cream, or spray to take off your makeup. After doing this, you should still wash your face because regardless of which one you use, the remover may not take all of the product off your face. By double cleansing, you remove the excess product and prevent irritation. Even if you have not had makeup on, you should still clean your face. All sorts of germs may have landed on your face during the day and leftover residue from your lotion. So, if you do not wash your face, you may be opening yourself up to skin issues such as an acne outbreak.

6. Smell good

The sun is out, and so is the heat. With summer comes a lot of sweat. Therefore, it would be advisable to get a long lasting deodorant that would keep you smelling fresh- like the Jāsön Dry Spray Deodorant. Another way to reduce your chances of getting sweaty and sticky is to bath twice a day. This takes the dirt off your skin, including bacteria, which causes body odor. Also, invest in perfume scents that you enjoy.

7. Hydrate

Water does wonders for your skin and body and so you should drink more of it. Try to set water goals by preparing a plan on how many liters you will want to drink in a day. You can get bottles with indicators to track your daily progress as well.

8. Exercise

Yes, exercise is an excellent beauty tip if you want to look and feel good. And if you wish to lose a few pounds to get that swimsuit body or just want to keep fit, find the right routine, and work hard at it. Exercising releases hormones that keep your body fit and healthy, get your skin glowing, and keep you in a positive mood.

9. Stick to your skincare routine

Truthfully, sticking to any routine is difficult, but luckily it is not impossible. Always missing out on your method or changing it would not help you achieve your desired results. So, try as much as possible to follow your routine religiously. If you do not have a method and are confused about how to go about one, you should first identify the problem you want to fix. The second thing to do is research on suitable products. Honestly, this step is a gamble because the results may differ from person to person. However, this is still the trial and error stage. Just be sure that the products you are purchasing are vegan and cruelty-free. Once you have found the products that work for you, create a routine, and follow it until you see the results you were aiming for. Remember, it may take a while, so do not give up easily

10. Clean your hands and phone regularly

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we are constantly reminded to wash our hands and clean our phones. Well, this is also relevant information for your beauty-care too. Your hands and your phone pick up a lot of dirt, and these two tend to touch your face a lot. When they are not cleaned, you keep transferring the dirt and germs from your hand, or your phone, to your face. Simply wash your hands with soap, or clean with a hand sanitizer (if there is no soap and water). For your phone, you can often use alcohol-based wet wipes to wipe around the phone, especially when you are out.

As you can see, these ten tips do not just keep you beautiful during the summertime. Indeed, you are practicing self-care and setting yourself up for a healthier lifestyle. Do not forget to take your vitamins, stay healthy, practice social distancing, and be positive.

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  1. Brigid says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! I’m constantly preaching about cleaning makeup brushes & exfoliating. I’ve been doing a good job of exfoliating this summer, but I’m sure those brushes could use a good cleaning!

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