My 5-Day Juice Cleanse with Raw Generation [Plus Coupon Code]

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Raw Generation Skinny Cleanse

I’m a relatively healthy person—I meditate, I do yoga, I practice gratitude, and I’m vegan! But just because I’m vegan, it doesn’t mean I always eat cleanly. Y’all know Oreos are accidentally vegan, right? Also, Morning Star vegan corn dogs have pretty much taken over my 2019, haha. Mama needs to detox, get all that corn dog residue out of my gullet. Enter Raw Generation’s 5-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse. My juices arrived earlier this week, so it’s officially on—today is day 1. Although I’m not a newb in the juice cleanse arena, (I like to do them at least once a year), I’ve yet to do one right before Christmas and the new year. I figured I’d start my healthier habits before my ravenous holiday appetite gets outta control.

Heads up: Raw Generation is having a crazy sale right now where their cleanses are 50% off and they also hooked us up with coupon code SUNNY20 for an additional 20% off (expires Dec. 19, 2019)! Free shipping is included, too! Even if you don’t wanna cleanse, this is such a great deal on some tasty-a$$ healthy, raw juices, haha.

The Flavors:

  • SWEET GREENS – Sweet apples, spinach, kale, collards, lemon. (2 bottles per day)
  • TARTE GREENS – Tarte apples, cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon.
  • CITRUS CARROT – Carrots, oranges, ginger, lemon.
  • SWEET ROOTS – Carrots, sweet apples, beets, lemon.
  • COOL GREENS – Pineapple, cucumber, aloe vera.

So, who would like to join me for a juice cleanse!? I’m gonna do another cleanse in the new year as well. It’s always nice to heave people to check in with and bounce feelings/share hangry moods with, haha. xo

Raw Generation - Skinny Cleanse

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