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One of my new year resolutions for 2018 was to get out and see more of the world and experience new things. So, last month, I called up my bestie, Steph, and was like, “Pack yo’ bags, we’re takin’ a baecation!”

Destination: The Stanford Inn.

I have a soft spot for Northern California. I used to live in the Bay Area, and that’s where I had my babies and forest bathed for years, but I had never been to the Mendocino Coast. The drive down from Portland was IN-SANE. I don’t know if I was just hormonally charged (lady moon stuffs), but I kept getting teary from being surrounded by nature in all of its glory… serene beaches and grasslands, coastal forests with awe-inspiring redwoods, the freshest, most crisp air. I was in heaven. I can’t recommend that drive enough.

mendocino wildlife

Anywho, after being wooed af by nature, imagine my delight as I rolled up the the Stanford Inn! It’s an all-vegan and pet-friendly eco resort by the sea with a luxe spa, organic gardens, rescue animals, canoes, outriggers, wellness programs (including vegan retreats!), cooking classes, and so much more. The grounds were beautiful, well kept, and inviting. The staff is incredibly sweet and welcoming, too.

Steph and I stayed in an adorable rustic, comfy suite paneled in pine and redwood with a wood-burning fireplace and epic balcony that overlooked the property. And guess what was waiting in our room each morning! Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Seriously, the BEST. Can we say SWOON?

The Stanford Inn

Let’s talk more about the food sitch at TSI. They have made-to-order complimentary breakfast and dessert tasting & tea time daily. Between that and the fresh a.m. choco chip cookies, do you even need another reason to visit this place? Haha 🙂 The Ravens is the name of the restaurant on site, and the gourmet plant-based cuisine is all organic, much of it grown right there on the property.

the stanford inn gardens

Imma let the vegan food porn speak for itself:

breakfast burritovegan chilaquilesThe Ravens at The Stanford Innvegan creme bruleeapple crumblevegan scone

To help burn off the copious (albiet healthy) amount of calories we consumed, Steph and I made a point to get some exercise in each day. We went for walks through their organic gardens (while visiting the rescue llamas, donkeys and horses), we strolled down to the river and had an awesome outrigger canoe adventure on the Big River via Catch A Canoe, and went mountain biking through the redwoods!

rescue donkeycatch a canoe

Stanford Inn outriggeroutriggingmendocino river

mountain biking

We also made a point to hit up the jacuzzi and sauna each night to decompress after our fun-filled days. By the way the pool (which is heated) and jacuzzi are part of a spectacular greenhouse in which you’ll find exotic flowers and even banana trees.

the stanford inn mendocino

While the Stanford Inn specializes in romantic and relaxing getaways—three weddings took place while we were there, one being an elopement!—they also focus on wellness and health with their creative playshops, yoga classes, nature tours, nutrition workshops, vegan retreats, and cooking classes. Speaking of cooking classes, Steph and I got to take a private lesson with renowned chef and author Sid Garza-Hillman. He’s a sweet, funny, and talented guy with mad cookin’ skillz. In his class, we made Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Soup with Cashew Cream, Shitake Bacon, and Cheezy Sprinkle; Raw Vegan Ranch Dressing; Pesto; and Ricotta.

In addition to spending time with Sid, we also got to hang out with the owners, Jeff and Joan Stanford, and they are all kinds of cool. Steph and I are all about yoga, mediation, chakras, healing crystals, energy fields, etc., and these sweet peeps were dialed into our same frequency. We had such a blast getting to know them personally as well as hearing about how the Stanford Inn came to be.

The people, the food, the adventures, beautiful nature, the memories… and dem cookies! 😉 This was the perfect getaway, and I can’t wait to go back! xx

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Aw, this was so well written! I want to go back for all of it, especially the cookies and the relaxation and spending time with you. Loved this place and have been highly recommending it ever since!! I had a friend call it my “vegan heaven” haha.

    Next… we should hit up New Zealand!!


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