How To Up Your Selfie Game with A Light Up Phone Case

June 12, 2018By 10 Comments

If you follow me on Insta, you might notice a selfie or two or 5 or 100, haha. I’ve seen people use all kinds of sweet lighting gadgets on IG to capture the perfect shot, and I’ve even played around with ring lights and whatnot, but I’d never tried using a light up cell phone case before. It’s kind of a genius idea, right? I was recently sent a LuMee duo light up phone case for my iphone 7 plus, and I’ve been having fun playing around with it. They offer lots of different elegant, fun and quirky designs for this cell phone case for iphone 6-X and Samsung Galaxy.

The duo case has dimmable, flicker-free LED lights on the front and the back with an easy-to-access button on the back panel. What I love most about the lighting is that it’s yummy and warm a.k.a. super duper flattering. Also, this case offers drop protection, and if you’re anything like me (and you’re shocked your phone hasn’t died ten times over from falling on the daily), you NEED this. 😉 So far, I’ve only dropped my phone once with the case on (how is that even possible!?), and literally, as it was falling, I was like, “thank GOODNESS that case has my back!” The LuMee case also comes with a handy charger and the battery lasts for up to two hours. And for peace of mind, if the lights get wonky or your case stops working, there’s a one-year warranty.


Quick breakdown of LuMee case:

  • Rechargeable battery (up to 2 hours of full brightness)
  • Flicker-free front & back dimmable LED lights
  • Drop protection
  • One year limited warranty

Y’all ready to see a before & after with this bad boy in action?

Haha, it magically got rid of my dark, sleepyhead under-eye circles (zero filters or edits, just straight up)! #PRAISE

I have to admit, as a huge fan of natural lighting for pics, I primarily use this when the sun goes to sleep, but for low light situations, this case works wonders (as you can see). I will legit use this for all my nighttime selfies, hands down. Slight downside of this case is that it’s on the bulkier side. If you carry a teeny tiny purse like I do, it takes some adapting to (and rearranging of lipsticks, etc.). No big.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any bomb selfie tips to share. Lighting, angles, poses, etc.? 😉

Sample was provided for review. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Luke says:

    Normally it takes about 500 shots to get the perfect selfie, this would simplify my process infinitely! And if I ever drop it on my face in bed at night, I know the case will protect my iPhone no matter what 😉

  2. Austin says:

    Wow, the difference with vs without the Lumee indoors is certainly noticeable. I’ll have to put this one on the wishlist!

  3. Van says:

    That’s an incredible difference in lighting with the case. Seems like a great case for any selfie lover!

  4. Mary says:

    What a great case! I definitely need to get one of these.

  5. John M says:

    The before/after pic is super cool! I should get that case

  6. Isabella says:

    The difference of the two pictures is incredible! I definitely need to get myself one of these cases to step up my selfie game!

  7. Winnie says:

    This lumee case looks amazing! I’m also a fan of natural lighting but this seems to work just as well!

  8. Katie says:

    It’s the most difficult thing to find good lighting. All of my selfies always look the same because only certain places work well. Having the Lumee case could definitely give me variety in my selfie backgrounds because I wouldn’t have to worry about lighting anymore!

  9. Kennedy says:

    If I go out with friends later in the day or at night and want to take pictures the lighting is always terrible! This case would definitely help with that AND good to know it’ll give my phone the protection it needs from me dropping it every 30 seconds lol.

  10. Hannah says:

    I can’t believe the difference the light on the case makes! I knew about the great light of the Lumee case, but I didn’t realize about the protection quality, thanks for sharing!

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