Low Heat, Damage-Free Beach Waves with SoCal Curls

December 16, 2017By 0 Comments

My natural hair type is wavy… but like, inconsistent and gross wavy, haha. It’s wavy in one chunk, straight in another, hella wirey af underneath. Yeah, blech. I adore wavy/curly hair (when it’s done right), but I’m trying to chill a bit on hot tools because my locks are already damaged enough from bleach, dye, etc. I recently discovered SoCal Curls, which are hair ties that you zap in the microwave for 30 seconds, tie over your hair, wrap, and wear  for 30 minutes. They’re simple to use and the results are bomb. The designs of these are ties are all kinds of cute, too (I’m rockin’ Navy Floral).

SoCal Curls

What do y’all think? Also, anyone else have any no-heat/low-heat hairstyling tips? xx

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