Nymph Botanical Beauty Box August 2017 Review

August 24, 2017By 1 Comment

EeeEeeee, it’s time to reveal all the goodies from this month’s vegan and cruelty-free beauty and wellness monthly subby box, Nymph Botanical Beauty!

The Nymph Botanical Beauty Box ($34/month w/free shipping) includes 4-8 full size theme-based products which are curated to nourish the mind, body, and soul. The products range from beauty and skincare products, cosmetics, healing stones and crystals, nutritional products and superfoods, and essential oils/aromatherapy to help encourage spiritual growth and self love.

August’s Amphitrite (Goddess of the Ocean) themed Nymph Beauty Box included:

Glory Boon Mermaid Lagoon Highlighter, $28 – The esthetics of this illuminating, sea-inspired cream highlighter are on friggin’ on point. The swirl of stunning mermaid-y shades especially got me like .

House of Good Juju Aura Cleansing Soy Candle, $20 – I’m a sucker for pretty candles. Ha, love the name of this company, btw. This soy candle is infused with cypress, lavender, lemongrass, grapefruit, cedar, and rosemary essential oils (smells INCRED, obsessed), and is adorned with flowers, herbs, and crystals intended to help restore your energy.

Thistle Ocean Muse Wave Spray, $16 – I’m super picky when it comes to hair products because I seldom use them. I gotta protect my pinky strands and I pretty much stick to color-safe shampoo, dry shampoo, and a teensy bit of oil for my crusty, split ends. I don’t use any sort of texturizer for my locks, but this one does sound like a good one if I did. It’s handcrafted with a blend of minerals and moisturizing oils to help achieve mermaid, beachy hair.

Eldridge Organics Chill Out Toner, $7 – This is an organic, eco-friendly toner made with a blend of rosemary and spearmint hydrosols. Honestly, it smells a bit like food, but tasty food, haha. Toners like these help tighten pores and set makeup. I like to store these in the fridge during summer for an extra refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day.

Green and Gorgeous Organics Dry Shampoo, $8 – I wash my hair every couple (give or take) weeks, so I pretty much worship dry shampoo. I brought this lil’ lovely thang of lavender and bergamot scented dry shampoo with me on vacay recently, and I not only used it on my roots, but I used it as a body powder, too. It smells really pretty and it gets the job done.

Saracen Provisions Floral Sage Smudge Stick, $7 – This bouquet of smudgie love is GORG! It has beautiful dried florals entwined with white sage, and it’s just perfection. I’m not even gonna burn it, I’m just gonna place it in my sacred space and use it as eye candy.

Puna Noni Naturals Coconut Body Wash, $ 6 – This all-natural, organic body wash is formulated with pure plant and veggie extracts. It’s made in Hawaii, and it frieckin’ smells like Hawaii – all kinds of coconutty goodness. Love.

Bonus: Amazonite StoneThe Tea Spot Coconut Cabana Tea – When my hubs and I bought our house, we were totally considering switching out our bathroom countertops to amazonite. It’s a gorgeous stone, and it has a serious feminine and calming vibe to it. I can’t believe this is just a bonus item. I feel like this should be a main featured one.

The tea smells dee-lish with its strong coconut aroma. I dig the packaging and I also adore how The Tea Spot donates a portion of proceeds to charity.

The Tea Spot Coconut Cabana Tea

Verdict: This box is all kinds of W.O.W. Nymph Beauty killed it with this month’s box that boasted ~$100 worth of insanely awesome goodies for only $34. Faves of the batch included the floral smudge stick, creamy highlighter, and decked out soy candle… so blown away by everything, though!

Who all is thinking about checking out this new subby box? Also, which item caught your eye the most? xx

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  1. Yoanna Kehl says:

    Hey there, thanks for this article. I am really interested in one of the products you published – The dry shampoo? Does it really work? I cant’t wash my hair every single day because of skin problems and I was wondering if a dry shampoo will help? Is there any risk for the scalp?

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