May 2017 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box May 2017

Eeps it’s June, and May’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box be like, “Heloooooo, brag about my ass already!” Haha (and thank you kindly for your patience). If this is the first time you’re hearing about this rad subscription service, it’s a monthly beauty box ($22.95/month with free shipping) that delivers 4-7 vegan and cruelty-free items (ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare) right to your doorstep. It’s the easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. You can sign up for this beauty box here. You can also peep my past Vegan Cuts Beauty Box reviews here.

May’s beauty box had a mix of beauty products with a total value of $56!

May’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box included:

Luxie 510 Foundation Brush,* $20 – I have two other Luxie brushes that I’ve procured via subby boxes, and they are so incredibly soft and seriously luxe. I almost always use a beauty blender for applying foundation, but I often use this style of brush for cream concealer. This brush is supposed to offer a streak-free, polished application, which is kind of essential. Oh, and did I mention how soft the bristles are already? 😉 So soh-awft.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Pressed Eyeshadow Single in Sweet Pea,* $14.50 – This all-natural shadow has interesting ingredients such as broccoli seed oil, raspberry extract, and orange wax. It’s a nicely pigmented formula, and it’s a great all-over lid shade (swatched on finger).

Pair’d Beauty Dry Shampoo in Sweet Cali Orange,* $6 – This is the first type of liquid “dry shampoo” I’ve ever tried that didn’t come out of a can. I have to be honest with you, I was definitely skeptical, but it actually works. And given the ingredients (e.g. corn starch, alcohol, etc.), it makes sense that it would. 😉 I’m diggin’ the scent, too – lots of yummy citrus goin’ down. This has inspired me to try making my own DIY option at home. 

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Facial Cleansing Bar, $5 – I’ve tried quite a few products from this brand in the past, and they seem pretty solid. This is a very goth-looking soap bar, which I’m drawn to in the beauty world because ingredients palm ash and activated charcoal work wonders for the skin. This also has noticeable bits of oats and herbal extracts which are intended for fighting acne and clarifying the skin. This soap bar smells RIDIC – I can’t even place the scent, but it’s gorgeous… looked on the back of the box, though, and saw that “parfum” was listen in the ingredients. Sometimes that can refer to all-natural essential oils, but often it’s a blanket term for chemicals and artificial smelly ingredients or perfume oils. I have no clue which one this falls under but my fingers are crosses that it’s the former. I mean, they’re a fair trade company with great values, so I’d be surprised otherwise. 

Salis Skincare Blackhead Removal Mask, $7.50 – I haven’t tried this mask out yet but I’m intrigued. It’s made with clay, baking soda, and MSM – all ingredients that are known to help remove blackheads. I usually save these anti-acne products for that time of of the month, ’cause that’s when my skin likes to truly put these products to the test. Stay tuned…

Little Moon Essentials Clear Mind Mental Alertness and Energizing Mist, $3.20 – I’m a firm believer in the healing power of aromatherapy. This spray is an energizing “clear mind” blend that’s supposed to inspire alertness and memory… ha, both things I desperately need. I literally just sprayed the crap out of this before I sat down to write this blog post. 😉 The essential oils in the blend are rosemary, grapefruit, and eucalyptus – def has a “wake yo’ ass up” vibe. 

*faves from this month’s box

Overall impression: Everything together is valued at $56, which is sa-WEET! Box faves: the unique spray-on dry shampoo, Lauren Brooke shadow, and Luxie foundation brush… but honestly, everything was pretty rad this month.

Love what you see? Join the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box fun with me! You can sign up right here

Vegan Cuts provided this box for review. Post contains affiliate links.

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    What is your monthly subscription price and is it free shipping to Canada

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