Plant-Based on A Budget Meal Plans

March 21, 2017By 1 Comment

plant-based meals on a budget

Who’s heard this line before: “I could never go vegan because the food is too expensive.” Um, say what!? Last time I checked, I pound of beef was waaay more expensive than a pound of greens, am I right or am I right? ūüėČ

Anyhoo, to further this point, my homegirl¬†Michelle Cehn and her pal Toni Okamoto recently¬†released the¬†Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plan, which shows you how to grocery shop on the cheap, vegan-style!¬†This is such a great resource¬†that helps you¬†purchase an¬†entire week’s worth¬†of grub¬†for as little as $25. Think of all the money you’d be saving that you could funnel into your next Sephora shopping spree!

The meal plan covers seven days, three meals per day, with a daily food budget of about $3.60 ($1.20 per day). The meal plan comes with a grocery shopping list, detailed easy-to-follow recipes with beautiful photos, and tips for saving time and money. Best of all, it only costs $5!

plant-based on a budget

You can take the one-week plant-based on a budget challenge with this new $5 meal plan here →

What are some of your favorite ways to save some cha-ching at the grocery store? Share your thrifty shopping hacks below! xx

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  1. Michelle says:

    Yaaay, thank you Sunny!!!! xoxo

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