BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box Review – February 2017

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It’s BuddhiBox unboxing day! I’m obsessed with subby boxes in general but BB is definitely one of my favs. New to BuddhiBox? It’s catered to peeps who enjoy yoga, healthy living, and mindfulness. This subscription box is set up so that each month you’ll receive 4-6 thoughtfully curated products (samples and full sized items) from ethically-sourced and socially conscious companies. BuddhiBox also chooses a charity to donate proceeds to each month.

There are different subscription options that vary in price and get cheaper with duration, but the low commitment month-to-month option is $32.95/month. Btw, you can peep my past BuddhiBox reviews here.

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February’s goodie box, which I’ll delve into in just a bit, also came with a BuddhiBox info card with an inspirational Rumi quote on the back, a recipe for vegan cough tea, and an instructional yoga card for the pose salabhasana a.k.a. grasshopper or locust pose – I always save these cute lil’ extras!

February’s BuddhiBox included:

ToeSox,* $18 – I’m currently wearing these toe socks as I type this post. They’re hella cozy and I’m totes feelin’ the girlie print. I also dig that they’re made with organic cotton, and they have a fitted heel and arch support band – these are probably the high techiest socks I own!

Crystal Charm Bracelet by Gogh Jewelry Design,* $30 -I always get excited when jewelry pops up in subby boxes – yaaaaaay! This lil’ Buddha bracelet is adorbs, and I will flaunt it proudly. Did you know that Buddha is a symbol of happiness, wealth, kindness, and joy? Rubbing his belly is supposed to bring all that abfab ish into yo’ life, so, hellz yeah to Buddha jewelry!

Love & Light Potion Te Amore by Blend Bee,* $10 – Ooh, an organic and caffeine-free tea to inspire a deep love within, sign me the f up! Every Blend Bee tea I’ve ever sampled has had me like . I haven’t tried this blend yet, but is sounds swanky and delish: Lemongrass, Ashwagandha Root (Indian Ginseng), Coconut Flakes, Carob Bean, Red Rose Petals, Oatstraw (Avena Sativa), Passionflower… um, YUM.

Twist Headband by Cozy Orange, $12 – This sweat wickin’ headband was made using recycled plastic bottles! I will never be able to wrap my head around how they get plastic to be so soft and cozy, but dannnng. While I usually feel like a dork wearing a headband during a sweaty work out sesh (unless I’m at home… I know, I’m vain af), I use these like crazy when I do face masks.

Raw rose quartz crystal, $10 – Rose quartz is the stone of the heart, representing unconditional love. It’s also said to carry a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. And I feel like in its raw form, it’s probably that much more powerful.

Lip Balm by Co-Pur, $4 – Heads up, y’all. this lip balm isn’t vegan because it has beeswax in it. Not the end of the world, Imma gift it to one of my gal pals.

Jo-Sha Wipe (BuddhiBox bonus), $3 – These alcohol-free, antibacterial wipes are so easy to carry with you and you can use them on your bod, too.

* = BuddhiBox faves

Overall impression: As always, this box has insane value – $84 worth of goodies, WOW! This box was a big time winner, and I’m especially excited about the pretty patterned ToeSox, BlendBee tea, and Buddha charm bracelet from Gogh Jewelry.

I highly recommend giving BuddhiBox a try – quality mindful products, amazing value. It would make a great gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself! They also have a fantastic online shop if there’s a specific item you’ve got your eye on.

What do you guys think of BuddhiBox? 

Box was sent to me for consideration. Opinions are my own. 

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