Holy Grail Beauty Product: 100% Pure’s Bamboo Blur Powder

March 15, 2017By 1 Comment

100 Percent Pure Bamboo Blur Powder

Late last year (December), one of my favorite green beauty brands, 100% Pure, invited me to speak at their pop-up shop at Herbivore in Portland. Aside from meeting new peeps and sampling new-to-me Pure goodies, one of the highlights of the event was discovering and falling in love with their Bamboo Blur Powder – OH MY GAWD.

I know I’m always falling in love with new beauty stuffs, but you guyyyyyyysss… you guys. Okay, lemme tell you a bit about why I’m so gaga over this ish. First off, it only contains ONE ingredient, one! As its name suggests, that ingredient is bamboo powder, specifically all-natural bamboo silica. As far as finishing powders go, I have never seen or felt one as silky smooth as this one. Texture aside (which is a biggie, because you will not want to stop touching your skin), it’s colorless, translucent and it delivers a pore-less finish while blurring imperfections. I know that sounds like marketing hype, but the hype is real, y’all!

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  1. Julie says:

    My only major complaint is that the powder really calls attention to any areas of dry skin. But as long as I exfoliate and hydrate my skin enough, this powder is great and I love that it only has one ingredient!

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