DIY Dryer Sheets for Soft & Static-Free Laundry

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DIY dryer sheets

Special guest post by Stephanie Parejamaas.

We are all doing our best to be healthier in all areas of our life including our homes. This was a new one for me up until a few years back. I had never even thought about how toxic the stuff I used in my home and on my skin actually was. Once I became aware and discovered I had lots of non-toxic options, I dove in.

Creating a non-toxic home can feel daunting at times, but luckily DIY is a thing. When I decided to make my home free of all that nasty stuff and friendly to my family’s wellness, the laundry room was one of the first places I started. I found that dryer sheets were especially super easy fun to make, and thank goodness because my family uses them all the time.

DIY Dryer Sheets

What you’ll need:

  • 6-10 pieces of cloth. I used a few old baby washcloths that I wasn’t using anymore.
  • 1 cup of distilled white vinegar (it helps remove some of the static, soften the clothing, and it won’t leave a vinegar-y smell on them once they’re dry).
  • 12 drops of essential oil of choice. I like to change this up each time I do a load of laundry. Today, I used lavender essential oil. You can get creative with some fun combos such as lavender + Peppermint, which I think I may use in my next batch.

Place the cloth, distilled white vinegar, and essential oil(s) in a jar, and mix everything around until the cloths are wet. Place one or two cloths in the dryer at the beginning of the cycle. If you’d like a stronger scent, place another dryer sheet in closer to the end of the drying cycle (when there’s around 10-15 minutes left).

Note: If your cloths are not all covered after mixing, feel free to add a bit more vinegar and another drop of essential oil until your dryer sheets are to your liking.

What’s your favorite DIY house cleaning product?

Stephanie Parejamaas is a marriage and family therapist turned holistic wellness practitioner. You can follow her through her blog hisandhersinpajamas.comFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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