BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Box Review – January 2017

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Buddhibox January 2016

It’s BuddhiBox unboxing day! I’m obsessed with subby boxes in general but BB is definitely one of my favs. New to BuddhiBox? It’s catered to peeps who enjoy yoga, healthy living, and mindfulness. This subscription box is set up so that each month you’ll receive 4-6 thoughtfully curated products (samples and full sized items) from ethically-sourced and socially conscious companies. BuddhiBox also chooses a charity to donate proceeds to each month.

There are different subscription options that vary in price and get cheaper with duration, but the low commitment month-to-month option is $32.95/month. Btw, you can peep my past BuddhiBox reviews here.

*Save 10% off any BuddhiBox subscription when you use this link: http://bit.ly/2mHNgzc

This month’s goodie box, which I’ll delve into in just a bit, also came with a BuddhiBox info card with an inspirational Rumi quote on the back, a recipe for lassi (not vegan, but easily veganizable), and an instructional Yogicard card for the pose Hanumanasana a.k.a. Monkey Pose – love saving these cute lil’ extras!

Buddhibox yoga cards

January’s BuddhiBox included:

Nothing is Impossible Cuff by Buddhibox,* $25 – I’m always giddy when jewelry pieces pop up in my subscription boxes. This pretty little cuff, which I’m wearing right now as I type, features a lovely affirmation that I find extremely apropos for 2017. I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I’m making big plans… Nothing is impossible. ♥

Nothing is Impossible Cuff by Buddhibox

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Detox sample, $3 – I actually have a sizable stash of Amazing Grass products already in my kitchen. I slip these superfood pouches into smoothies for brekkies all the time, and my kiddos love ’em, too (they contain lots of plant-based protein, fruits and veggies). I haven’t tried this chocolate peanut butter flavor yet, but it’s definitely speaking to me.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Detox

May You Know Joy Seeds of Intention Cards, $15 – Yay, another deck of inspirational cards to add to my collection! I like to leave these types of cards in various places – my car, purse, office desk, night stand, or taped to my bathroom mirror – to help me re-center, focus, and enjoy life more fully.

May You Know Joy Seeds of Intention Cards

Hara Healing Lavender Detox Body Scrub,* $12 – This scrub smells so GORG – it’s a floral, sweet and zesty, happy scent… and it’s pink!  Honestly it makes me yearn for spring SO badly. I am so beyond mega hardcore over winter (seriously, it’s time to break up!). Anyhoo, Hara Healing makes all kinds of lovely, all-natural beauty products, and the energy behind this brand is so authentic and full of good vibes.

HaraHealing Detox Body Scrub

Urban Mysticism Toxic Detox Aromatherapy Spray,* $20 – I love the concept of this reiki-charged aromatherapy spray. It’s intended to protect and detox from Electronics, EMF’s, and the general toxic smog and environmental stressors. Mhm… seriously, every time I hold my phone for long periods of time or zombie-stare at my laptop (like I’m doing now, lol), I essentially feel my brain and all the cells in my body trippin’. They’re like, “Sunbuns, I love you. Put the phone down and eat some fruit!” Since I gots sh*t to do, though, spritzing some anti-electronic smog smellies in the air is gonna have to suffice. It’s made with peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus essential oils, and there are lil’ crystals in there, too – Shungite, Hematite, Sodalite, Astrophyllite, and Amethyst. Serenity now, beshes!

Urban Mysticism Toxic Detox Aromatherapy Spray

Lively Matcha samples, $2 – I drink matcha tea every single day. I love its pure and grassy flavor (which can an acquired taste), and the health benefits are redonk. It’s loaded with antioxidants, it gives you non-crashy energy, it helps boost your metabolism, improves memory, etc. All matcha tea essentially tastes the same but I like these little packets! I usually do scoops out a bag, but these would be great to keep in my purse for my on-the-go matcha needs.

Lively Matcha Green Tea

Free download of “Gettin’ Fierce: Steps into a Positive Mindset eBook” by Perspectives Yoga, $16 – This eBook written by yogi and motivational speaker Jemea Kingsby is a workbook designed to help you bring positive change into your life. Def gonna download this asap – I’m all about self-help and self-care this year.

Smudge Stick, $5 – I saw this item listed on the info card, but I actually didn’t receive this smudge stick in my box. I’m not trippin’ though because I have quite a few of these in my sacred space next to my rock altar in my office (yes, I’m that person). 🙂

* = BuddhiBox faves

Overall impression: As always, this box has insane value – $100+ worth of goodies, WOW! This box was a bigtime winner (even sans the smudge stick), and I’m especially excited about the positive affirmation bracelet, tech detox aromatherapy mist, and gorgeous smelling body scrub from Hara Healing!

I highly recommend giving BuddhiBox a try – quality mindful products, amazing value. It would make a great gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself! They also have a fantastic online shop if there’s a specific item you’ve got your eye on.

What do you guys think of BuddhiBox? 

Box was sent to me for consideration. Opinions are my own. 

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