5 Reasons to Start Dry Brushing

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dry brushing

One of the many ways I’ve started incorporating self-care into my life is by dry brushing my skin daily. If you’re like “WTF is dry brushing?”, lemme break it down.

Dry brushing is the process of brushing dry skin all over your whole body (including you footsies and tushie!) with a long-bristled brush (I personally love this one). Just pretend you’re a kitteh covered in fur and brush away, that’s what I do. 😉 The whole process takes about 5 minutes a day and the best time to do it is in the morning before you shower. While it might just seem like a great way to exfoliate your bod (which it totally is), its benefits go beyond skin deep. Dry brushing, like lots of other wellness trends, has lots of different whole-body health benefits, which you can peep below.

5 Reasons to Start Dry Brushing

1) Exfoliation – Sloughing off those dry and dead skin cells is a yuuuuge way to help improve your skin’s appearance and allow it to have a fresh start.

2) Boosts the Flow of the Lymphatic System – The lymphatic system is responsible for detoxing cellular waste. When your lymph system is all clogged and jacked up, you’re more likely to get sick. Screw that! Dry brushing helps get your lymphatic system to release those nasty toxins, so you can be a healthier you.

3) Reduces Appearance of Cellulite – Cottage cheese… we all have it, and it sucks ballz. Thank goodness there are natural ways to help fight that sh*t. Dry skin brushing can help soften hard fat deposits and distribute them more evenly, giving skin a smoother look and feel. Don’t expect miracles though. This dry brush ain’t a wizardy wand… but it’s still sort of magical in it’s own way.

4) Increases Circulation – Dry brushing helps get your blood flowing, which encourages the release of toxins. Seriously, those toxins haffa gwan!

5) It Feels Amazing – Dry brushing feels daaaang good! It’s like a light whole-body massage, and it’s so easy to do. Keep in mind, the pressure should be somewhat gentle (no scrubbing, people!) and always brush towards the heart (best for circulations and your lymphatic system).

Honestly, I’ve only been dry brushing for like a month, and it’s a game changer. I feel incredible and I actually look forward to brushing my bod each day. 🙂

Who else dry brushes and what has been your experience so far? xo

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