Vegan Cuts Yoga Box Is Now Available – Peep the Goodies!

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Vegan Cuts vegan yoga box

Every time I get my paws on a brand spankin’ new Vegan Cuts Yoga Box (they’re super limited edition), it feels like Christmas came early. It’s basically a never ending/bottomless seeming box of the most spectacular yoga lifestyle goodies. We’re talkin’ mala bracelets, healthy yummy snacks, cute accessories, aromatherapy, body treats, and more. It’s the perfect box to help you get your zen on. And you know what’s crazy? All of these mindful, eco & animal-friendly goodies are valued at $154 but the box only costs $35! Mind blown. I’m gonna gift these to all of my spiritual homedogs.

Let’s dive in!

Each Box includes:

Vegan Cuts Yoga Box

Crystal Mala Bracelet with Lotus Charm and Lava Rock Beads, $29 – This special edition amethyst, howlite and lava rock elastic bracelet with a lotus flower charm was made just for the VC Yoga Box. The lava rock beads act an teeny essential oil infusers, so you can totes rub EO blends on the beads and enjoy aromatherapy al day. Psst… there’s an essential oil sample in this box as well, so keep reading. ↓

Crystal Mala Bracelet with Lotus Charm and Lava Rock Beads

Soothi Coconut Jewelry (pieces vary), $9–$28 – Each box comes with a high quality necklace (on an 18 inch cotton cord) or earrings made by laser cutting coconut shells – how cool is that!? It will be a surprise to see which one you receive! The one I got says “Be the Change” and it came in a super cute little pouch.

Soothi Coconut Necklace

Starling & Ivy Headbands (assorted prints), $12 – I love the packaging on these… anytime anyone “puts a bird on it,” I approve. This organic cotton headband is adorable and super comfortable. Imma use this for workout seshes and face masking.

Starling and Ivy Headbands

Soulful Essence Yoga Bliss Balance Aromatherapy Roll-On, $23 – I’ve been using aromatherapy roll-ons daily! They really do help establish a sense of calm and balance. This particular blend features lemongrass and frankincense, and it smells SO good.

Soulful Essence Yoga Bliss Balance Aromatherapy Roll On

Skin Fix Cosmetics Ginger Coconut Scrub, $16 – I wanted to lick this scrub so badly… it smells amazing with its real ginger and organic coconut oil base. I typically use body scrubs on my hands (hate the idea of sliming up my tub), and this scrub left my hands feelin’ so baby soft.

Skin Fix Cosmetics Ginger Coconut Scrub

BõKU Superfood Organic Phytonutrient Superfood Powder, $16.95 – This powder contains some of the most potent, nutrient-dense organic foods on the planet like reishi, goji berry, kelp, spirulina, sprouts, acai… those are just a few ingredients in their super long list! Throw this ish in yo’ smoothie or a glass of almond milk or juice, and know that your bod is gettin’ some seriousl TLC in the nutrition department.

BoKU Superfood Organic Phytonutrient Superfood Powder

Pranayums Daily Super Spice Shot, $1 – I had never heard of a spice shot until I cam e across this one. It’s inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, and you can add to smoothies, tea, or food. This blend of turmeric and other spices has been used for centuries to enhance energy and reduce inflammation. I’m thinking about throwing this in a tofu scramble… whatchall think?

Pranayums Daily Super Spice Shot

Organic Gemini TigerNuts (6–12 oz),  $9–$11 – If you’re not familiar, TigerNuts are little tubers with a great deal of nutritional benefits. They’re slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. At first, I was totally into these – I really do like the unique flavor, but they’re kind of hard to go down… in the similar way celery is. I felt myself chewing on these “nuts” for an eternity! Plus side, I most definitely burned some calories with all that chewin’! 😉

Organic Gemini TigerNutsTigerNuts

Schmidt’s Deodorant – Lavender & Sage, $3.99 – Don’t even get me started on Schmidt’s. They’re local (yay, Portland), and I first discovered this brand while on vacation in PDX many moon ago. The fresh Lavender + Sage scent is so calming and soothing and unisex, so hubs can use it, too.

schmidts deodorant

Amala – In Love With Nature Magic Sponge Cloth 3-Pack, $6.99 – These eco-friendly cleaning cloths are 100% natural and biodegradable. You can use them on all surfaces to remove dirt and dust and they work great for wiping down yoga mats, too.

Amala In Love With Nature Magic Sponge Cloth

Sam’s Natural Tea Tree Foot Soak, $7.95 – OMG, my feet NEED this! This couldn’t have shown up at a better time! I haven’t tried it out yet, but it smells minty fresh – it’s loaded with a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils. SO stoked to use this bad boy.

Sams Natural Tea Tree Foot Soak

21 Drops Headache Essential Oil Blend, $1 – I’ve tried quite a few 21 Drops blends, but I hadn’t tried their Headache blend. It’s intended to relieve the pain and stimulate proper blood flow and can even be used to prevent headaches before they start. It’s got a very pretty lavender-y scent which I love.

21 Drops

Soooooo much awesomeness packed into one box, right? If you’re lovin’ what you see, you should consider hooking yourself up with your own Vegan Cuts Yoga Box. Makes a great gift, too.

Shipping Prices:

  • United States: Free!
  • Canada: $18
  • International: $28

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