Goddess Provisions August 2016 Box Review

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Goddess Provisions August 2016

Have y’all checked out Goddess Provisions, a vegan subscription box founded by the peeps at Vegan Cuts? It especially speaks to my heart because it’s curated “to have beautiful tools for nourishing your divine feminine and growing your spiritual practice”… I’ve been all about mystical, mindful, and spiritual enhancing goodies lately, so this box is everything!

Goddess Provisions delivers a mix of 4-6 full size items in each box, ranging from aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more – vegan & cruelty-free, of course. You can check out all of my previous Goddess Provisions box reviews here.

Cost: $33 per month. You can save a little extra each month if you sign up to be billed every 3, 6 or 12 months instead of monthly. Peep their site to see all the payment options available. Shipping to U.S. is FREE. Canadian shipping is $10 and rest of world is $20.

Goddess Provisions info card

August’s Goddess Provisions “Meditate & Celebrate” box included:

Gypsy Soul Organics Barefoot Island Balance & Relax Essential Oil Spray, $19.99 – Mmm, lavender and cedarwood (winning combo) give this relaxing blend a floral, woodsy, sexy vibe. It’s intended to help focus your thoughts and reduce anxiety. I literally just spritzed this like cray all up in my area, and it really is helping me calm me down… in fact, I wanna take damn nap!

Gypsy Soul Essential Oil Spray

100% Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss, $25 – I received the shade Citrine, and it’s mesmerizing! I’ve actually been eyeing these Gemmed glosses for quite some time but have been slack-a-lackin’… I mean, those sparklies, c’mon (and it has a yummy, sweet, citrus-y scent, too!)!! This gloss provides a sheer pop of color from fruit pigments, and glimmer from semi precious gemstones (!!!). Dooood. Dude. Since the color is so subtle, I tend to use products like these over a bolder lip color. It’s so pretty (swatched on finger)!

100 Percent Pure Gemmed Lip Gloss

Soulful Essence Meditation Station Affirmation Roll-On, $23 – First off, gotta give props for all the rhyme-y action that just went down… word to your mother. This aromatherapy blend is designed to “help cultivate a scent-memory bond during meditations that can help you shift your attention back to affirming your inner bliss anytime you need it.” Ok, if this can actually work in such a way, that’s friggin’ GENIUS. I need to focus more on creating scent-memories. I feel like I just tapped into an invaluable tip! Anyhoo, this blend features Juniper and Frankincense in a base of sweet coconut oil. Everything in this box is makin’ my sniffer happy – the essential oil combos are on point and very relaxing.

Soulful Essence Meditation Station Affirmation Roll On

Karma Nuts Wrapped Cashews, $2.65 – So these lightly salted cashews are called “wrapped” because they still have their natural skin on them, giving them extra crunchiness… I had no idea cashews had skins, did you? These are delicious and fun to eat… just wish the bag were bigger! #sogood #itssillytohashtagablogpost #yourewelcome

Karma Nuts Wrapped Cashews

Sandalwood & Amber Soy Candle, $10 – Holy moly, this is the BEST scented candle EVAH. I was not expecting to be so überly wooed by this scent, but diggity dang! It smells exotic, luxurious, and sexy… without smelling artificial at all. It’s kind of a manly scent, which I oddly find myself preferring over fruity or floral ones. I definitely am interested in buying a full-size version of this!

Ebb and Flow Midnight Moonlight

Weird Empire Always in Retrograde Pin, $10 – Ha, how cute is this? This is for days when you feel like there’s a retrograde even when there isn’t. I adore this pin so much!

Weird Empire Always in Retrograde Pin

Rose Quartz Sphere, $15 – Rose quartz is the love stone, y’all! It’s supposed to help open up the heart chakra to all forms of love (partner, self, child, universe… it’s all good, my babies). I have quite a crystal collection but this is my first time owning a sphere. It’s like a lil’ love planet. I will keep it close by to maximize love vibrations.

rose quartz sphere

Overall impression: I am so crazy about Goddess Provisions that I almost can’t stand it! Like how are these boxes SO perfect every month?? Everything in this box smells divine and is intend to calm and relax. Faves this month include the sandalwood and amber candle (ZOMG, in love!), the Always in Retrograde pin, the crunchy cashew nuts, and the essential oil blends. Sh*t, I just named everything… whoops. The total value of this box is $105, which is CRAY!

What do you guys think of Goddess Provisions? If you love what you see, you can sign up here to start receiving this monthly box, too. xo

Box was provided for review. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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