July 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

July 19, 2016By 3 Comments

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box July 2016

Y’all it’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box reveal day, and July’s box was chock-full of goodies! If this is the first time you’re hearing about this rad subscription service, it’s a monthly beauty box ($22.95/month with free shipping) that delivers 4-7 vegan and cruelty-free items (ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare) right to your doorstep. It’s the easiest way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. You can sign up for this beauty box here. You can also peep my past Vegan Cuts Beauty Box reviews here.

July 2016 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

July’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box included:

Integrity Skincare Moisturizer, Sunscreen & Primer,* $4.95 – I love multitasking products! This 3-in-1 facial cream is kind of like a BB cream sans the tintage. It’s packed full of moisture, it blends into the skin so seamlessly (with zero greasy residue), it has SPF 30, and it smells like oranges! I would definitely buy the full size version of this.

Suntegrity Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil, $ 14 – Ooh, I adore and collect aromatherapy blends! I have 3 sitting by my side as I type. Essential oils are my bae. They smell good, they’re mood boosting, and this particular blend is 100% organic featuring lime peel, peppermint, ginger, and spearmint to help refresh and energize. I personally wouldn’t mind if the scent were a teensy bit stronger, but it’s very pleasant all the same.

Zoe Organics Refresh Oil

Molly Rose Balms Citrus Almond Lip Scrub (some subscribers received Snips & Snails flavor), $7 – I’m grateful for lip scrubs that come in tubes versus pots. They’re just so much more convenient to use, am I right? This Citrus Almond blend smells like heaven, and it definitely helps keep my smackers smooth and smoochable.

Molly Rose Balms lip scrub

Nature’s Shea Butter in Lavender Vanilla,* $2.75 – This is my favorite item in the box! It smells crazy-good (like, times 50!), and shea is so moisturizing and healing for the skin. I cannot stop sniffing this stuff! How come lavender vanilla is a more common scent combo? Looooves it!

Natures Shea Butter

Modicum Skincare,* $20 – Something I have to get off my chest… the brand name (which is actually a dictionary word, I googled it) sounds a bit porny. I’m sorry, I had to just say it. Moving on. This facial serum is luxe and chock full of anti-aging ingredients including argan oil, rosehip seed oil, avocado oil, pumkin seed oil, and squalane (vegan). This is definitely up my alley!

Modicum Skincare facial serum

Hello Mojito Mint Toothpaste, $1 – I’ve tried this exact same flavor a couple years back and it’s yummy as far as toothpastes go. I’m just bummed that the formula has fluoride. If you don’t mind fluoride toothpaste, this stuff is bomb.

hello toothpaste

Biosafe Beauty Nourishing Kip & Cheek Highlighter, $20 – So I totally love the concept of this. The ingredients of this hydrating lip & cheek highlighter are completely natural, made with plant-based butters, oils, and pigments. The execution and/or the packaging turned out to be a bit of a mess. It came leaky on arrival, and when I opened it up, the ingredients had separated, and the shea started to clump. I tried mixing it together with a chopstick, but it was hella lumpy. I would definitely give this brand another shot, though, because they’re making wholesome and healthy makeup, which I love. Did anyone else experience this?

Bodisafe Beauty lip and cheek highlighterBodisafe BeautyBodisafe Beauty packaging

*faves from this month’s box

Overall impression: Pretty impressed that there was a total of 7 items (granted, most of them were minis). Everything together is valued at $70, which is kind of crazy! It was a lovely mix of skin care, makeup, and oral care. Box faves: Nature’s Shea Butter, Suntegrity SPF, and the Modicum facial serum. The Bodisafe Beauty lip & cheek highlighter was the only product that was a miss, but like I said earlier, I think they just need to work out some kinks with the formula, and it could be a stellar product.

Love what you see? Join the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box fun with me! You can sign up right here

Vegan Cuts provided this box for review. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Katzmeow says:

    My first Vegancuts box, and I’m hooked! I love everything! My bodisafe arrived unscathed, thank the stars, because I think it’s my favorite item in the box. Well, unless you’re counting the Modicum oil. Love, love, love!

  2. T says:

    My bodisafe lip and cheek also seemed to be unsealed and had leaked. I don’t think it separated as much as yours though. I’m unsure whether to try it or play it safe and throw it out. Seems like a shame to waste it.

  3. Brittany says:

    mY Biosafe Beauty Nourishing Kip & Cheek Highlighter swallowed the safety tab when I tried to pull it off. 😮
    It wasn’t clumpy, though.

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