JEM Raw Nut Butters Review + Discount

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JEM nut butters

You guyyyys, I have been trying like crazy to cut processed sugar out of my diet (that sh*t is E.V.I.L. – gives ya excess jigglies, causes premature aging, and can lead to all sorts of health problems). Chilling out on sugar has literally been one of the most challenging obstacles in my life.

When I’m craving the evil, lately I’ve been reaching for JEM Nut Butters (I spread them on toast). Holy moly cannoli, these delicious organic, raw, sprouted, vegan, and gluten-free nut butters are dee-lish and SO incredibly satisfying. Seriously, I’m the type of person who might smack someone for telling me to eat and apple when I have a sugar craving… that’s just total BS. These butters taste so sinfully sweet and yummy and they totally hit my tum-tum the same way a donut would. They’re sweetened with coconut sugar and contain stone-ground super foods… so, they’re actually good for you! (as long as you don’t eat a whole jar in one sitting, which can be awfully tempting).

JEM spouted nut butters

Check out the flavors they offer!

  • Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter – I’m not usually a cinnamon fan, but diggity dang, this flavor is addicting! It’s not over-the-top cinnamon-y either. It kind of reminds me of a creamy snickerdoodle spread. Gotta love the maca, too – it’s been used as a source of nourishment and healing for millennia and has long been used to increase stamina, boost libido, and combat fatigue. JEM cinnamon Red Maca nut butter
  • Super Berry Macqui Camu Nut Butter – This flavor is one of my top 2 faves. It’s doesn’t have a super strong berry vibe which you might expect, but it’s probably the sweetest of the bunch (ha, prolly why I’m obsessed with it!). Macqui and Camu are loaded with antioxidants a.k.a. wrinkle fighters, to boot! Slurp it down, y’all!
    JEM superberry maqui camu nut butter
  • Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter – This has a subtle and comforting exotic taste and aroma – totally reminds me of India. According to traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, cardamom is effective in improving digestion.JEM cashew cardamom nut butter
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Healthy, vegan nutella. Nuff said. My absolute fave. Buy this one in bulk… trust me.
    JEM hazelnut raw cacao nut butter

In case you’re not fortunate to live near a store that carries these, you can totes buy ’em online. They have a bunch of stuff on sale right now AND you can get $10 off your order when you use this link:! Enjoy! xoxo

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