Goddess Provisions June 2016 Box Review

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Goddess Provisions

Have y’all checked out Goddess Provisions, a vegan subscription box founded by the peeps at Vegan Cuts? It especially speaks to my heart because it’s curated “to have beautiful tools for nourishing your divine feminine and growing your spiritual practice”… I’ve been all about mystical, mindful, and spiritual enhancing goodies lately, so this box is everything!

Goddess Provisions delivers a mix of 4-6 full size items in each box, ranging from aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more – vegan & cruelty-free, of course. You can check out all of my previous Goddess Provisions box reviews here.

Cost: $33 per month. You can save a little extra each month if you sign up to be billed every 3, 6 or 12 months instead of monthly. Peep their site to see all the payment options available. Shipping to U.S. is FREE. Canadian shipping is $10 and rest of world is $20.

Goddess Provisions June 2016

June’s Goddess Provisions “Solar Plexus Chakra” box included:

Tiger Eye tumble stone, $3 – According to the Goddess Provisions info card: “Tiger eye carries a protective energy to ground, cleanse, and stimulate the willpower and emotion of your Solar Plexus Chakra.” I first learned about tiger eye’s protective qualities when I saw the movie Practical Magic (Sandra Bullock flick from back-back in the day). Do you remember the scene where there was “blood on the moon,” and after some sketchy ish went down, Nicole Kidman kept freaking out about not having her protective tiger eye? Lol, I’m so dating myself and I don’t even care. Anyhoo, yeah, tiger eye… good stuff (pretty, too!)!

tiger eye

Cave & Canyon Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Grid, $25 – I actually just got my first crystal grid in the mail about a week ago (will be posting about it on VBR at a later date), and I was tickled to see one in this box as well since it’s been something that’s really piqued my interest lately. I like that this is a relatively small and simple grid. For those of you new to these types of grids, you’re supposed to set a few of your favorite crystals on the “Seed of Life” grid and focus on a specific intention so you can manifest the energy you’re looking for. Since tiger eye was also in this box, I’m thinking I’ll focus some energy on protection and inner strength.

Cave and Canyon crystal gridcrystal grid

Lexi Olivia Hand-Painted Citrine Card, $4 – This is a pretty hand-drawn and painted card of Citrine. All the yellow and orange makes me really happy just looking at it. It came with a little envelope, too, and I know the perfect mystical goddess to send/gift this to.

Lexy Olivia citrine card

Goddess Love Rope, $25 – This leathery lookin’ yellow rope is a bracelet that was handmade in Bali. It features a “goddess” charm which is supposed to help remind you that that’s exactly what you are. I like these wrap around bracelets. It’s got a lovely indie, boho, carefree vibe, too.

Love RopeGoddess Love Rope

Scentual Goddess “I can” Aromatherapy Spray, $12.95 – This essential oil blend is supposed to help revive your mojo. The Solar Plexus Chakra is your Power Center. It’s located just above your belly button. When it’s clogged or shut down, it can be really difficult to muster up the willpower to do much of anything, and that’s why it’s important to charged it back up. This spray features Ginger & Bergamot, a positive affirmation, and any of the following gemstones: Citrine, Yellow Jasper, or Lemon Chrysoprase. The scent is a bit strong for me and kind of manly, which I don’t mind too much. I can’t seem to find exact ingredients on the bottle or online, though. I’m super curious what all is in it.

Scentual Goddess I Can spray

Soulful Body Essential Oil Blend, $15 – Mmm, this smells so refreshing! It’s a blend of peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, and golden quartz in a base of jojoba oil. I’ve been rubbing this stuff on my pulse points like crazy! It’s supposed to help stimulate strength and confidence… we shall see. 🙂

Soulful Body essential oil blend

Meyer Lemon STASH Tea, $4 – Give me all the tea!! Lol, I always getting tea in the mail, especially when it’s herbal and yummy. I haven’t tried this particular one out yet, but STASH never disappoints.

Meyer Lemon Stash Tea

Also included is a digital Solar Plexus Chakra Guide ($19.97), where you can learn more about the energy center and essential oils, yoga poses, and crystals associate with this particular chakra.

Overall impression: So much yellow in this box, I love it! I think it’s so cool that they focused on a specific chakra for this box because I feel like I can really focus on it. All the goodies this time around were centered on the Solar Plexus Chakra/connecting with your confidence and inner strength (something I definitely need help tapping into). While I adore everything in this box, I am particularly smitten with the Soulful Body essential oil blend and Goddess wrap bracelet. The total value of this box is $109, which is CRAY!

What do you guys think of Goddess Provisions? If you love what you see, you can sign up here to start receiving this monthly box, too. xo

Box was provided for review. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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