Sapphire Soul/ Soulistic Life June 2016 Review

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June 2016 Sapphire Soul

If you love mystical, magical, divine goddessy goodness, then you’re gonna wanna peep the goodies in this month’s Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Life Box (recently changed names). ? If you’re new to Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Life, it’s a mindful and spiritual subscription box that focuses on nourishing your body-mind-soul connection. You can read all my past reviews here.

Cost: Mindful + Mystic Quarterly Box – $189 with free U.S. shipping; Mindful + Mystic Monthly Box/Bundle (the one I’m reviewing) – $49/month with free U.S. shipping.

Each month Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Life has a theme which reflects the goodies inside (crystals, energy medicine, crystal healing jewelry, essential oils, teas, candles, etc.), and June’s theme is “Chakra Magic” – SO stoked about this!

Soulistic Life June 2016

June’s Sapphire Soul Chakra Themed Box included:

I didn’t receive a description card with this month’s goodie box, so Imma wing it. I’m pretty sure this necklace was made by the Soulistic Life crew (’cause they crafty like that), and I have no idea what it’s worth, but I LOVES it! It features seven gemstones, each one representing one of the Chakras of the body (the vital points on the body are where energy moves through). Again not exactly sure about the details, but I’m guessing the gemstones include red jasper, orange aventurine, citrine, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst and quartz. I’m diggin’ the tiny om charm as well.

Sapphire Soul chakra necklaceSoulistic Life chakra necklace

Third Eye Crystal Bar Soap, $7 – Yahooo, this soap is totes vegan! And it’s hella purdy, too! This is the Third Eye soap featuring amethyst, a stone of transformation, mind clarity, stability, sobriety, protection, forgiveness, tolerance, healing, spiritual awareness. Yep, there really is an amethyst embedded inside. It’s lavender scented, too, and it smells calming and relaxing. It’s almost too pretty to use!

Crystal bar soap

Sapphire Soul “I Am” Gem Infused Crown Chakra Alignment Blend, $14 – This chakra mist is infused with clear quartz and uses therapeutic grade lavender, angelica root, and juniper berry essential oils. It smells SO beautiful and relaxing. Clear quartz is known for assisting in addiction, alcoholism, blood, bruises, burns, digestion, headache, insomnia, anxiety, coping, grief, nightmares, visualization, wisdom, awareness, healing, and spirituality. This mists is a perfect refresher – spray in your car or on your pillow to help you calm and align your energy before resting.

I Am Shakra essential oil blend

Soul Candy Throat Chakra Diffuser Stone, $7 – Essential oils are life for me right now! I diffuse oils day in many form and throughout my house. I love this simple and elegant, handcrafted diffuser stone featuring the Throat Chakra symbol. I keep it on my office desk and place a few drops of my favorite essential oils on the white part of the stone, and let my sniffer do the the rest. These are absolutely adorable and would make great gifts, too!

Soul Candy Soul Candy Essential Oil Chakra stone

This month’s goodie box came with a few extras:

  • A fold out chart about clearing, balancing, and understanding chakras – this is incredibly useful! I love how it breaks down which crystals and essential oils correlate with each chakra, too. I’m seriously learning so much. 🙂
  • A Chanakara tea bag (woot, it’s from a local Portland company!) with organic rooibos, rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, and strawberry flavor. At first, I was like, “Whatever, a tea bag” but after typing out those ingredients, I feel as though I need to drink it right NAO. Sounds so friggin’ tasty-tea! ← Lol, I’m a dork.
  • A beautiful black + gold foil dreamcatcher tattoo. I’m def gonna rock this!!
  • A Dive in Deck inspirational card – “What does freedom feel like?” I love these cards. They really do help me focus and take time to truly think about life and my perceptions of everything.

Sapphire Soul June 2016

Overall impression: I’ve been so intrigued by chakra everything lately so this was totally up my alley. Every single item will get used… well, gonna keep the soap as is for the time being because it’s so pretty to look at. I’m already rockin’ my diffuser and Crown Chakra mist. Even though I consider myself a newb when it comes to these types of new age-y things, I always feel a genuine sense of calm when I use the tools and gifts in each monthly box.

If these sorts of goodies are right up your alley and speak to you, hook yourself (or a loved one) up with a Sapphire Soul/Soulistic Life box and get your spiritual on! You can also order individual items from their online shop. xx

Note: Not all subscribers will receive the same items; however, all items are equally awesome.

Box was provided for review. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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