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Lately, when I’ve been in the mood to shop for clothes without breaking the bank, I’ve been hitting up Goodwills, organizing and attending clothing swaps, stalking websites for über sales, and spending waaaaay more time than I probably should on recycled clothing websites like thredUP. 🙂

Above is a sneak peek of my most recent thredUP purchases (everything above including an item not pictured was less than $100 TOTAL!). Stay tuned for a video review with try-ons!

It’s basically a consignment store, but simpler. On thredUP you can revamp your entire wardrobe online and you don’t have to worry so much about duds because thredup is pretty picky with the items they choose to sell on their website – everything has to be clean, on-trend, and in really good condition.

The savings on thredUP are redonk, up to 90% off, y’all! I’ve pretty much never owed designer clothes in my life until now… and that’s because I can score fancy brands like Stella McCartney, Betsey Johnson, Free People, etc. for $20 (give or take) – I sh*t you not! They also take really nice pics of items and provide detailed info (retail price, sale price, measurements, materials, condition, etc.)

If you aren’t absolutely in love with the pieces you chose after you receive them (hey, it happens… to me, kind of a lot), you can return them for FREE (they cover shipping and everything). Note, certain items that are marked waaaay down can be final sale, so be on the lookout.

So, we’ve got hassle-free shopping, clothing and accessories for women and kids (had to mention that, especially being a mom of two tinys), errthang is returnable, and you’re lightening your carbon footprint by not purchasing newly manufactured clothes…. It. Is. The. BEST.

Btw, selling your clothes on thredUP is super chill, too! You just order a free Clean Out Kit, pack it full of gently worn clothes that you’ve moved on from and return it to them – no cost to you. This is perfect for spring cleaning! I actually ordered one of these clean out bags awhile back, but I haven’t quite found the time to go through all of my ish… SOON!.

Anyhoo, if you wanna try thredUP (and don’t blame me if you get addicted *wink*), use this link to get $10 credit… that’s like a free pair of pants, a dress, or a pair of shoes! You are welcome, my friend. 😉

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  1. Kezia says:

    I have ordered from TU a lot, because they gave me $95 credit for my old crap and that’s lasted a long time. Someone told me about, which I didn’t like nearly as much (and returned almost everything I ordered). However, they have a lot of baby/kid stuff, if that’s your thing, household stuff, and they DON’T accept fur coats which is cool.

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