Adventure Kitty Apparel Review & Giveaway!

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Adventure Kitty

Gah, sometimes I’m overwhelmed with so much furry purry kitty cuteness that I feel like my squee button is going to burst! ← Spoken like a true crazy cat lady, amiright? 😉 I heart kittehs SO much, especially my beloved four-legged fartsicorns, Spirulina and Conan. And it isn’t enough that I simply wear their shed cat fur on ALL my clothes to ramp up my crazy cat lady points. I need to wear kitty attire, too, and as often as possible. Enter Adventure Kitty! If ya ♥ floofins of the feline nature, quirky & fun (dare I say hipster?) designs, and cozy-ass tees, you’re gonna luuuurve this line of catcentric apparel and accessories like I do!

I recently got my paws on some Adventure Kitty swag and I absolutely love efurything! Take a peek!

Dapper Kitty Dolman, $68 – The drapey, off-the-shoulder cut of this shirt is super flattering (hides all my wobbly mommy bits purrfectly, shows a bit of skin, and slightly hugs my hips), and it’s light and breathable. It’s designed with soft poly-viscose fabric, and has a wide neck and short dolman sleeves. It’s ridiculously soft and cozy!

Adventure Kitty Dapper Kitty Dolman

Sporty Kitty Athletic Sweatshirt, $88 – THIS. Mhm, I am smitten as a kitten with this hella cozy, eco fleece-lined sweatshirt. It’s sporty, vintage-inspired, and CUUUUUUUTE!!! I don’t know a damn thing about soccer, and it doesn’t even matter because CATS. I love the stylish off-the-shoulder/scoop neckiness, contrasting stripe detail, and fleecey softness inside. Btw, this pic ↓ is me channeling early Britney Spears.

Adventure Kitty Sporty Kitty Athletic

Agate Stone Bracelet, $16.95 – About 85% of my jewelry nowadays is comprised of natural gemstones, mala beads, chakra talismans… these agate bracelets are totes my jam! I’m so stoked that Adventure Kitty is branching out with fun accessories. And how cute is the Adventure Kitty signature kittycat charm? Thes bracelets come in various colors: apple, violet, aqua, pebble, amethyst, and black. You can buy them separately or as a set of 3 with a mix of natural stone designs.

agate bracelets

Adventure Kitty agate bracelets

Lol, Lioness Linky roars, “I appurrove”!

Vintage Style Glass Bottle, $19.95 – I’ve been rockin’ my power green smoothies is this cute, vintage style, glass bottle, and it totally makes me look way cooler than I am. Btw, doesn’t it go purrfectly with my vintage-style soccer kitty sweatshirt? I feel like a blast from the past!

Adventure Kitty vintage bottle

If y’all are like, ” I NEED THIS SH*T, AND I NEED IT RIGHT MEOW,” you should mosey your kitty-lovin’ cutie bootie on over to Instagram for an exclusive VBR Insta Giveaway where you can win any Adventure Kitty item of your choice! Good luck and have fun! xoxo

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