Pelle Beauty Huile De Parfum Review

March 11, 2016By 1 Comment

Pelle Beauty Huile de Parfum

If you’re tired of mainstream, chemical-laden, obnoxious smelling perfumes (headache-inducing, amiright?), but you yearn for a unique signature scent that’s delicate and complements your body’s natural scent, natural perfume is definitely the way to go.

I was so excited when I found out that Pelle Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free brand I adore, recently came out with two all-natural perfumes. They’re hand blended in small batches by Pelle Beauty Founder Marnie Cipriani, and they’re made with only pure essential oils, extracts, resins, jojoba, and absolutes. They smell SO good, like spring, with notes of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose.

Let’s take a closer peek…

Huile De Parfum No. 1, 4 ml – Unapologetically feminine. Neroli is the heart of this gorgeous perfume. Notes of Jasmine & Ylang ylang, along with a special proprietary blend of essential oils, extracts & absolutes round out the scent making it a delight for the senses. A sparkling, sweet floral perfume oil.

Huile De Parfum No. 2, 4 ml  – The complexity & full-bodied scent of rose & jasmine come together. They’re taken to a richer level with the spicy depth black pepper has to offer and are added to a proprietary blend of  essential oils, extracts & absolutes. Marnie had originally created this perfume for herself and as a bespoke perfume for private clients, but she just couldn’t hold this one back. It has to be shared. A sultry floral. Warmth and light.

Price: $79 CAD (~$60 USD) each or 0.5 ml sample pack of both  $20 CAD (~$15 USD)

not a meat eater tee

Behind the scenes: Dev’s assessing which scent is his fave.

Overall impression:

  • The scents are absolutely GORGEOUS – feminine, sexy, and warm.
  • The two fragrances do smell a bit similar and the jasmine is quite dominant in both.
  • The scents linger beautifully throughout the day in a subtle, understated way.
  • They have a high price point, but the ingredients are super pure, and floral essential oils and absolutes don’t come cheap.
  • I wish these had rollerballs in them, as I’m a mega klutz and would be heartbroken if I accidentally spilled these.
  • I highly recommend ordering the sample pack to get a feel for these pretty perfumes.
  • I’m totally in love with them both and and have been using them like crazy.

What’s you’re favorite cruelty-free signature scent? What do you guys think of Pelle Beauty Huile De Parfum?

Samples were provided for consideration. Opinions are my own.

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  1. Marnie says:

    Marnie here from Pelle Beauty. Thank you for the lovely post on our perfumes! So happy you are enjoying them. ❤️

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