ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost Rollerball Review

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My hubs keeps joking with me that I’m starting to out-hippie him (former dreadlocked Deadhead) because lately I’ve been all about chakras, healing crystals, moon cycles, mala beads, you name it! 😉

Well, today’s review is, surprise surprise, chakra related! 🙂 I recently got my paws on a few ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost rollerball essential oil blends and needless to say, I was anxious to give them a whirl.

ADORAtherapy offers 7 Chakra Boosts with formulas designed to enhance emotional well being and personal empowerment… basically, they’re intended to balance yo’ ish out and tap into the good stuff from within. Each Boost contains organic, wild-crafted or biodynamic essential oils and absolutes with gem and flower essences and their “trademark energetic infusion” (←DYING know what this is!!) in a base of organic golden jojoba oil.

For an instant mood boost, you’re supposed to apply the oil to your pressure points, inhale, and go about your day.

ADORAtherapy Chakra Boost blends in current rotation:

  • Clarity “I see”: Clarifying with top notes of sacred tulsi, frankincense & myrrh – this blend smells a bit spicy and exotic; it might be my fave of the bunch.
  • Creativity “I feel”: Grounding and balancing with top notes of blood orange, jasmine & geranium – the jasmine really pokes through making this an awesome perfume, too!
  • Joy “I love”: Uplifting and harmonizing with top notes of gardenia, rose & jasmine absolute – the pretty and delicate florals make this a a great perfume option as well.

adoratherapy oils

Pros: Chakra enhancing/balancing essential oil blends that double up as lovely all-natural perfumes? Yassssss. They offer blends designed for each chakra and/or mood you like to enhance. They’re affordable ($16), especially considering that the ingredients are organic and wild-crafted… also jasmine and rose oils ain’t cheap yo, so this is kind of a steal!

Cons: Nothing that I can think of.

Verdict: These portable, compact, aromatherapy mood boosters are fun and affordable. I’m all for products that can help people feel a bit better about themselves. All 3 blends that I tried were a hit, and I’ve been essentially using them as perfumes. I would definitely purchase these in the future.

What are some of your favorite essential oil blends?

Samples were provided for review. Opinions are my own.

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