Sustainable Gift Giving with prAna [Review + Giveaway]

December 18, 2015By 25 Comments

If you’re new to PrAna, they make eco (using organic and recycled materials), fair trade clothes and accessories for outdoorys active folks (and slightly less outdoorsy active folks like myself, too). 😉 Their stuff is adventure-friendly, cozy, and cute! Seriously, peep their sustainable holiday gift guide here… but be warned, you’re gonna want errrthang (they’re offering free 2-day shipping right now, too – when you do the math, that’s some last-minute awesomeness right there)! Not everything is vegan, though, so read descriptions of individual items.

These are just 2 of their winter goodies that recently caught my eye… Y’ll know how hard it is to find quality, sustainable/eco & socially-friendly vegan winter attire that really keeps ya warm. Well, these coats complete me (and for different reasons). Let’s dive in! (p.s. Enter to win one of these beauties down below!)

prana vegan coats

Lily Puffer Jacket, $169 (available in Gull Flurry, Winter & Black) – I’ve always wanted a “puffer” jacket, but I had a hard time finding one that wasn’t made out of down or just straight up fug. This puffer jacket is 100% vegan and hella cute! It’s water-resistant (hello, Portland!), really well insulated (hello again, P-Town), durable, and oh so stylish. I love the zip-up collar and ribbed, arm warmer-style sleeves. I’m wearing the black Lily Puffer jacket in the pic above, but lemme tell you, I was THIS close to ordering it in Gull Flurry (lavender, below). They’re all so ridiculously cute and cozy. 

lily puffer jacket

Mila Jacket, $119 (available in Plum, Winter & Black) – One word: Collar. I was immediately drawn to the oversized collar and of course, the GORGEOUS asymmetrical coat that was attached to it. It’s incredibly elegant and flattering – gently hugs and defines my luscious lady lumps. This jacket is probably more suitable for fall than winter because it’s made out of fleece, and it doesn’t have all the fancy winter tech (maximum insulation and water resistance) like the Lily Puffer. Honestly, it’s so crazy-cozy that I just like wearing it around the house. I’m sure my kitties think I look mad fly. 

prana mila jacket

Mkay, now that I’ve gushed over my new winter wares, it’s time to give one of these bad boys away!! Enter below and good luck! xo

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Items were provided for review. Opinions are my own. 

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  1. Robin says:

    I do my best to reuse everything I cannot recycle. Brown paper bags from the grocery store make some of my favorite wrapping papers!

  2. Stacey Roberson says:

    Homemade products are the best. Edibles are something we give every year.

  3. Amy Katz says:

    I love giving homemade gifts. This year I gave chocolate chip pancake mix.

  4. Monica says:

    I like to make sure things are recyclable and eco friendly. I absolutely hate waste and only gift things I know are wanted and/or needed.

  5. linda says:

    I often wrap gifts in newspaper and like to buy eco-friendly gifts.

  6. Rosie says:

    I like to make gift baskets with foods sustainably sourced.

  7. Tabitha says:

    I think my favorite sustainable gift giving tip is to buy quality over quantity. Quality gifts last much longer and don’t need to be replaced as often!!

  8. Laura says:

    Use a reusable bag to package the gift!

  9. Caitlin says:

    i love giving gifts purchased from small business owners that are eco-friendly.

  10. Samantha says:

    I buy a lot of local, handmade products as gifts.

  11. Jia Hui L. says:

    To recycle things and reuse them like paper cards!

  12. Samantha says:

    My favorite sustainable gift giving tip is to re-use gift bags and gift wrapping paper and tissue if possible. I also love giving handmade recyclable items such as cookies in a glass canisters!

  13. Kelli Schulenberg says:

    By trying to use reusable gift wrap & recycling.

  14. McKenzie L says:

    My favorite way to give sustainable gifts is to do a DIY project, or to get someone something that’s locally made and/or eco-friendly in some way (recycle materials etc). You can really never go wrong with creating stuff like spice mixes, cookies, or handmade bath items (like bath bombs!)

  15. Nikki says:

    I like to reuse bags, ribbons, boxes, etc… whenever I can. I also like to gift dry vegan cookie/brownie mixes in thrift store found jars!

  16. Megan says:

    I like to reuse gift bags, tissue, ribbons, etc. Sometimes I’ll wrap presents in brown paper grocery bags or newspaper then attach a pretty bow.

  17. Kirsti says:

    Love these jackets! My favorite sustainable gifts to give are getting things thrifted, or making sure the gifts were something they needed.

  18. Marilyn says:

    I recycle everything I possibly can, and try not to even purchase stuff that has too much/unnecessary packaging that’s not recyclable. Composting is also an easy way to use food scraps sensibly: it feeds the helpful earthworms who make the soil better for gardening/growing food.

  19. Jamie says:

    I really love wrapping a shoebox and its lid separately so you can continue to reuse the box every year and don’t have a bunch of wrapping paper to clean up and throw away after presents have been exchanged!

  20. Helena says:

    These are so cute. I like to buy things second hand since I can’t really afford the pricier sustainable stuff, but its the next best thing. However a lot of people don’t like second hand gifts, my family is cool about it though 🙂 My husband and I also hand make alot gifts for each other and our families.

  21. ella says:

    I love making things myself, and using newspaper or comics, or fabric (bandana, scarf, etc.) instead of paper is a great way to keep gifts environmentally concious.

  22. Crystal tate says:

    What finds! These are dreamy and look so warm!!

  23. Meiga V says:

    I like to gift handmade things make it with recycle items, like rings or necklaces. 🙂

  24. Beth says:

    I love to gift homemade goodies like vegan baking mixes or cookies or liqeurs or pampering products. Gardening goodies or homemade flower bombs are great too!

  25. My favorite sustainable giving tip is to buy locally made items! Whether it’s making treats out of organic, locally sourced ingredients or a handmade item from a small business.

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