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October 22, 2015By 3 Comments

Not A Nugget book

My son Dylan is now 3 1/2, and hubs and I have just begun introducing the concept of veganism to him. Sure, he’s been vegan since conception but he’s just starting to learn that not everyone eats the way we do and that animals are our friends, not food. It’s tricky because he occasionally eats mock meats, nut cheese, non-dairy milks – all which commonly looks like their animal-derived counterparts. Throw in jingles, tv shows, pop culture in general pushing things like eggs, bacon, etc., and you’ve got a recipe for toddler confusion.

Fellow mama and vegan lifestyle blogger, Stephanie Dreyer (VeegMama ←luhluhluh LOVE her blog), came out with an adorable, thoughtful and beautifully illustrated children’s book, Not A Nugget, which helps vegan parents and teachers explain plant-based, mindful living to our littles. I’m beyond stoked that this book exists – def makes my job easier!

vegan toddler

Peep my interview with Stephanie below, watch her book trailer, and enter to win a copy of Not a Nugget for yourself or a loved one. 🙂

What inspired you to write Not A Nugget?
The idea literally came to me in the middle of the night! I was about 2 years into my blog, VeegMama, and was also a children’s book writer. I had been struggling with how to bring the passion I have for veganism and educating others about it to my children’s books.  After having a conversation with my husband about my struggle, I went to bed that night and awoke with the idea for Not A Nugget. I scribbled it down in the dark, woke the next morning and drafted it out. This book is my attempt to give children information that connects them with the animals they love so that they make different choices about their food.

What was your favorite part of writing this book?
I loved researching the facts about each of the animals. I learned so much about our friends, which has connected me even more to them.

not a nugget book

What are some of your favorite ways to educate children about compassion?
I believe creating compassion in our children is the first building block to creating a better world. From compassion stems empathy, which leads us to live more thoughtful, mindful lives where everyone thrives. Teaching our kids to be compassionate about animals is a great step in that direction and there so many ways to do it! Some of my favorites include adopting a pet, visiting an animal sanctuary or wildlife refuge, fostering an animal, volunteering at an animal hospital, watching animal friendly movies (my faves include Babe, Free Birds, Shark Tale and 101 Dalmations), and read books that demonstrate that animals have feelings.

Do you have any vegan family tips you’d like to share with VBR readers?
My advice is to live by example and share your passion with them. I think there are lots of ways to explore the topic of veganism with kids. Books like Not A Nugget are great, as are the movies I mentioned above. They open the topic up for discussion. Give kids a little information, and you will plant a seed that will foster their natural curiosity to question and make sense of the world. I also suggest visiting an animal sanctuary so that you can share how animals should be treated and explain why those places exist and are important for animals. When it comes to food, cook meals together.  Garden, plant, visit and play with animals. Do things that your family loves that connect you to animals to keep you focused on your veganism.

Not A Nugget is available on Amazon.com in paperback and on Kindle.

You can find Stephanie Dreyer/VeegMama on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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  1. Rebecca H. says:

    I think we need to teach compassion with kindness. If we can do so by example, all the better, but sometimes we make mistakes and then it is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

    Starting young is definitely key as the older we get, the more set in our ways we become and change isn’t easy.

    We also have to make the concepts relate-able to have a greater impact.

  2. Briana Kiefer says:

    Teaching compassion is shown through example. I know I love to take my boys to animal sanctuaries so they can interact with rescued animals and can experience their energy. I’ve always told my boys that whatever they eat is connected to something. I love your blog and I can’t wait to read this book to my two boys!!

  3. Thank you, Sunny, for the great interview! I am so happy you are enjoying the book and you are finding it helpful as you explain veganism to your son. I am so grateful for your support. Big hug!!!

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