LUSH’s ‘Don’t Look at Me’ Face Mask Review

October 15, 2015By 3 Comments

Don't Look at Me LUSH face mask Organic silken tofu, fresh organic lemon juice, murumuru butter – no this isn’t a high class dessert. Don’t Look at Me Face Mask is the newest fresh face mask from Lush. Before I start gushing about why i totally love this mask, I will mention this mask is more expensive ($10 US) than the other masks because you get much more of it and it lasts a little longer.

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So, why is this mask the bees knees? Well for starters it is totally vegan, of course. It has extremely high quality ingredients that make this the only mask I think I will ever need in my life. The base of the mask is a kaolin clay, much like the other masks available from Lush. Kaolin clay is an amazingly rich deep cleansing clay that doesn’t dry out the skin at all. Really, my boyfriend and I keep saying every time we use this mask, “Holy cow! My Skin feels so soft”.

Next we have the lemon juice which is extremely cleansing, brightening, and toning. The acidity of lemon burrows deep inside your pores and kicks out all the dirt and germs that have been hiding there. Because it is so enzymatic it also sloughs off any dead skin cells which makes your face look nice and bright instead of dull. Lastly, lemon is great for tightening up the pores and lifting the whole face, just like when it makes you pucker.

Tofu might seem like a weird thing to have in a mask, but soy is fantastic at softening the skin. It gets right in there and conditions the skin for a silky soft and glowing appearance and feel. The other awesome thing that tofu does is it takes out the need for nasty preservatives. Tofu is really good at self-preservation once the soy has been mashed into those gelatinous cubes. So, this product doesn’t contain any!

Murumuru butter comes from the seeds of the murumuru palm tree that lives in Brazil. Because Lush is only using the seeds there is no need to deforest the area, which is fantastic. Those little seeds are super fatty, which makes for a wonderful thick moisturizing butter. Add this to our mask and after the lemon and kaolin have cleansed the face the murumuru comes in and adds moisture back to the party. Your skin won’t miss a thing.

Two essential oils are also included in the mix – grapefruit and neroli. Both of these citrus fruits have major antiseptic properties. If you have problems with congestion or breakouts on your face this can definitely help with that problem. Not only that, but both of these oils are wonderful at making you feel good. Citrus fruits are great mood boosters! Neroli is actually the only fruit that has been scientifically proven to help the brain produce serotonin, the happiness chemical. How crazy is that?

Don’t Look at Me is my new favorite mask and for good reason! As much as I love the other Lush masks, some of them have just not shown me any results. With this mask my skin feels less puffy, my breakouts have been reduced, and my skin is softer than ever. Dare I say it? I want everyone to look at me.

Trisha Miller is a freelance writer from Boise, ID. She is a dedicated vegan and promotes and all around healthy lifestyle. You can check out her blog and find her on twitter @thatdangvegan.

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  1. Amanita says:

    Jfyi Lush is owned by L’oreal… a company well known for animal testing.

  2. Alexandria says:

    I was wondering where I could get this by any chance or order it offline?

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