Friday Favorites: Simple Pleasures (Cruelty-Free & Vegan)

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Yay, it’s Friday! Haven’t yet decided if I’m gonna a) party like it’s my birthday; b) party like it’s 1999; or c) stay at home with the kids and stuff mah face with cupcakes (while they’re not looking, of course). In the meantime (while I firm up my crazy Friday night plans), Imma share some cute cruelty-free finds with y’all. Check it!

100% Pure Pomegranate Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter, $15 – The peeps at 100% Pure have mastered the art of making makeup out of fruit! It’s amazing, and all of their products are all-natural and good for you. This berry tinted lip buttah is creamy and smooth, ultra-moisturizing (has a base of organic avocado and shea and cocoa butters), and it adds a subtle, sexy sheer wash of pure color (swatched on thumb). Purrrty, right?

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter

Lov Organic “Love is Pure” tea, $14.90 (20 muslin tea bags) – I drink tea evvvery day, multiple times a day, and if you ever find me raving about any tea on VBR, it’s because it’s truly exceptional. Lov Organic makes delightful organic wellness blends (among other teas) and their Lov is Pure tea is dee-lish! It’s a green tea mixed with yerba mate (*zing*), large apple pieces, and a note of citrus. I’ve been adding maple syrup to mine ’cause that I how I roll, and holy YUM. Also, LOVE their adorable birdie packaging – I’m a sucker for cute sh*t. 😉 They also get mad props for putting their tea in cotton muslin tea bags that are unbleached and free of staples or glue (← crazy how glue residue floating in yo’ hot water has become the tea drinkin’ norm, blech!). Anyhoo, I’m excited to try ALL of their flavors.

lov organic tea

Silver flower nose stud by Siharah, $42 – Okay, this is gonna sound crazy, but I don’t actually have my nose pierced… yet. I’ve been toying with the idea for months, but I wanted to wait until after my Portland move to have it done. Well, now that I’ve settled into my PDX digs and I have this ridiculously cute and delicate silver flower nose stud, it’s gonna happen – hopefully this weekend!
All Siharah nose studs are custom made in Israel, and they’re beyond gorgeous! You can peep her entire line of jewelry here. Btw, this is one of those swirly twist-in studs.

silver flower nose stud

Jeri Warlick Lapis Lazuli talisman from the Chakra Love Collection, $44 – Eee, my Insta homie made this beautiful talisman and it’s right up my alley. Lately, I’ve been big into gemstones, chakras, and jewelry with intentions, and this Lapis Lazuli Chakra Love necklace (for throat and third eye chakras) is beyond swoon-worthy. I also love that you can order this with a vegan “leather” cord if you wish (and I think that’s a good wish to have). 😉

A bit about lapiz lazuli from the interwebsticles: It is said to relieve anger and negative thoughts, help balance the male and female aspects of your personality, and it may intensify the growth of psychic abilities, and intuition… que interesante.


Welps, that’s all she wrote. Literally. I need to take a cat nap, so I’m signing off! Happy Weekend!

What are some of your favorite cruelty-free goodies?

*Zzzz* xx

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