Blue Labelle Organic & Botanic Skincare Review

September 9, 2015By 2 Comments

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I’m somewhat new to the oil cleansing method, but lemme tell ya, I back it 110%! At first, I was like, “Hold up… I’m supposed to put oil on my face to clean the gunky oils that spew forth from mah pores? Huh!? Won’t that make me break out like craaaazy??” Turns out, specific oil blends actually work wonders for problem skin. Not only that, oil cleansers double up as a makeup remover, too. And when all is said and done, you wind up with the softest (baby bootie level), smoothest, happiest skin. I LOVE oil cleansing. Sooo much.

While it’s super easy to take the DIY route when it comes to oil cleansing, there are some beauty brands that have truly perfected the art. Blue Labelle is one such brand whose blends are phenomenal – the absolute best!

I’ve been using their organic Petitgrain & Tamanu Cleansing Oil every single night for the past couple weeks, and I’ve seen my skin transform, and noticeably so. I wind up having to use fewer products (can skip the makeup remover and moisturizer), and my skin never feels tight or irritated, just clean and soft.

This particular blend is for normal to oily skin and is made with raw plant oils along with Petitgrain & Tamanu extracts which are great for acne-prone skin. Other rockstar ingredients include Evening Primrose oil (wrinkle fighter) and Bergamot essential oil (skin balancer). Oh, and this oil blend has a beautiful earthy and citrus aroma. I actually look forward to washing my face every night because I love the way my skin feels and smells afterward.

I’ve been following this up with Blue Labelle’s Marula & Amaranth Face Oil, a potent anti-aging blend with skin-lovin’ yummies like carrot seed, marula, and jojoba oils – loads of vitamin C, E, and omegas.

Love this brand and these oils so friggin much!

Have you tried oil cleansing? Which blends are your favorite?

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  1. Amber says:

    I’m looking into doing some oil cleansing, and I was wondering.. About how many washes do you get out of one bottle of the 100 ML cleansing oil?

  2. Sarah Price says:

    Oil cleansing is the best! I did it for about a year before I got bored and wanted to try new cleansers and toners and things. It worked wonders for me, it got rid of my cystic acne, helped heal scars, and really normalized my skin. I’m using a cleansing balm now and about to switch to the 100% Pure cleansing oil so I’m hoping to see some benefits. I’m also thinking of going back to the oil cleansing method for at least once a week since my skin has gotten really bad recently. Maybe I’ll even try these out!

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