July 2015 Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box Review

July 23, 2015By 6 Comments

july 2015 petit vour

Happy Petit Vour Unboxing Day! I’m stoked to reveal all the über fab goodies in this month’s Petit Vour vegan beauty box! If you’re new to Petit Vour, it’s a monthly subscription box that comes loaded with samples (including full-sized ones) from fancy, vegan and cruelty-free brands (peep all my previous PV box reviews here). This goodie box is only $15 a month (HELLA good deal, especially considering this month’s box is valued at ~$45!) and includes free shipping in the U.S. ($23 for Canada). Pretty sweet, right?

July’s “Cruelty-Free Summer” Petit Vour Beauty Box, which was co-curated by Thoughtfully Magazine (a gorgeous mindful & vegan-friendly quarterly magazine), included the following non-toxic, squeaky clean, cruelty-free goodies:

Aila Nail Lacquer in Doolish* – First of all, this item is valued at $17 – already covers the price of this entire box and then some – BAM! It’s a suuuuuper pretty sunset coral that definitely has summer written all over it. I’m excited to rock Doolish for next week’s Mani Monday feature – gonna pair it with some nail bling, so stay tuned! Gotta love that this polish is 5-free, gluten-free, vegan & cruelty-free, and made in the USA, too.

aila nail polish

Luxe de Mer Skincare Organic Rosewater Toner* – Please note that subscribers received either the Gentle Cleanser or Rosewater Toner in this month’s PV box. I’m stoked I received the toner because I literally ran out of toner a couple of days ago and have been wingin’ it with watered down apple cider vinegar (stanky but it works)! This rosewater toner is seriously perfection. I was afraid it was gonna smell obnoxiously rosy, but it was actually subtle and there were so many pretty scents going on at once – all quite lovely! Their organic toner is hydrating, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic. The witch hazel makes your skin feel tight while the rosewater helps stimulate blood circulation (key attributes for a kickass toner). I will definitely be buying more when my sample runs out. Ooh, and I love their glass packaging! I always give companies props for that because it’s the eco way to go, and I know that ish ain’t cheap.

luxe de mer tonwe

Nubian Heritage’s Mango Butter– Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say this is the tastiest smelling body butter I’ve ever tried—and I’ve tried a TON, so that’s saying something. I know it’s mango butter, but smells like a frickin’ orangesicle that I wanna shove in my face over and over again. Yummmmmmmzz! It’s a bit firm, so rub it in the palms of your hands to soften it up before using. It won’t clog pores, so feel free to apply it evvvverywhere (and trust me, I do!). Only downside: I can’t wear this when I’m starving or in the mood for sweet treats (would be absolute torture). 😉

nubian heritage mango butter

Routine De-Odor Cream – Firs off, Routine gets bonus points for puttin’ a bird on it. 😉 Unfortunately, I’m still taking a hiatus from basking soda-based deodorants as I recently developed a sensitivity out of nowhere (biggest womp, I feel robbed!). I can tell this deodoro is probably awesome. It looks and smells lovely… waaaaahhhh. 🙁 Peeps who were able to properly sample this, please comment below and tell me what you thought of it.

routine de-odor cream

* = PV beauty box faves

If you like what you see, you should consider hooking yourself up with a Petit Vour subscription! Also, you can buy products you love directly from PV’s online store (they offer free shipping + PV points for every purchase). Canadian and international peeps get a sweet deal on shipping, too! xx

Overall impression: Dang, PV keeps killin’ it! Their boxes are consistently awesome (zero duds), and I continue to be in awe of their exquisite selections and amazing deals. Rockstar product in this month’s box was def Nubian Heritage’s organic mango butter… will be swooning over this one for awhile. ♥

Have you subscribed to Petit Vour yet? What was your favorite item this month?

Box was provided for review. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Alaina F. says:

    I wanted to like Petit Vour, however their business raises a red flag for me, and here’s why. They do not listen to their customer’s concerns regarding the billing cycle. I tried numerous times to ask them why they do not allow their customers to choose a different date during the month when payment is deducted from their bank account, and got no answer. They just cancelled my subscription service and wished me well. Not everyone has the same pay schedule where $15 can be deducted on the 1st of each month and not throw a budget off–billing cycles differ. When a company isn’t willing to push the deduction to another date during the month–and mind you I was willing to pay 1 month ahead of schedule if they could change the date each month to the 17th–it really makes you wonder why they won’t budge. For me its a matter of business ethics and principles and shows that the company cares more about themselves then their customer base. As a business owner myself, this worries me. Other subscription box services are the same way–so be wary of who you give your money to, especially if you go unheard with a concern…

  2. Yes! This box was great. That body butter! And I love the nail polish. I paired it with some polkadots. The deodorant is very smooth. I didn’t test it thoroughly though. Great blog.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Sunny – the reason I even heard about PV was because you posted reviews on it. I became a subscriber and received my box a few days ago – I got the facial cleanser and haven’t tried it yet. I have tried the mango butter (OMG smells amazing and feels really nice) and I tried the Routine cream. I was skeptical – and to me the scent is a little “stereotypical vegan/hippie” (I am a vegan but…) but I was very pleasantly surprised that this stuff WORKS. I put some on around 8am yesterday and smelled pretty fresh until about 6pm, and then reapplied and was set for the night. I like that it feels different than regular stick deodorants when you get some on your fingers and it feels like you can’t get it off after washing – this stuff is great since it’s all natural – I will probably be trying out some different scents as well until I find one that I really love!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh and Petit Vour is the one subscription box I’ve stuck with. They always nail it! Definitely worth the money.

  5. Sarah says:

    This was a great box!! The body butter really does smell amazing (I could eat it…) and when applied at night leaves my skin super soft. I can tell it will last awhile because it doesn’t take much at all!

    And the deodorant worked well! I’m not sure I’ll be replacing my meow meow tweet deodorant any time soon though.

  6. Brittany says:

    That mango butter is the best! I want to eat it. 😮

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