VBR Rave: GladRags Reusable Cloth Pads & Liners

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Let’s talk eco-friendly feminine hygiene, specifically reusable cloth menstrual pads and panty liners. I know some of y’all might be grodied out by the thought these bad boys (which is silly… understand though, change can be scary), but did you know that greening your period with reusable cups, pads, and liners can help you save money, save the planet, and your beloved coochie? Yeah dude, for example, mainstream tampons contain dioxin, a known carcinogen (!!!)—you don’t wanna be shovin’ that sh*t up your hooha!

My go-to brand for eco fem necessities for my lady bits is GladRags (based in Portland, YAY, my faaaaave US city). Their pads and liners are super easy to clean, they come in all sorts of different sizes and absorbancies, and they offer crazy cute patterns (my cooter pairs especially well with cherries and strawberries, y’all!). Seriously, how friggin’ CUTE are these!?

glad rags pads

Some Recommended GladRags Staples:

Pantyliner, $12.49 – These liners are slim, absorbent, extremely cozy (100% breathable cotton) and are great for light everyday protection or as a back-up for menstrual cups (← How I rock ’em, and I’m a leaky-cup-aphobe, so I never ever ever leave home without one of these during my period) .

Pantyliner Plus, $13.49 – These slim pantyliners are very similar to their regular pantyliners except that they’re a bit longer and provide a little extra coverage (great for bedtime, when things tend to travel and shift).

Day Pad Plus, $16.99 – These are faaaabulous for heavier days! They have a unique three part design (they’re fitted with a snap and “envelope” for the 2 inserts they come with) which allows you to customize the absorbency of the pad according to your flow. You can rock one insert, two, or even use the holder alone for an ultra-slim liner. Again, suuuuuper cozy (cotton flannel) and hella rad.

Recap: Reusable pads are non-toxic, eco-friendly, affordable, and convenient! GladRags makes cute, comfy, and customizable ones that will make that “time of month” much more tolerable. Got it? Good. 🙂

Still confused, nervous, full of questions about things like cleaning and maintenance? Peep the FAQ section on GladRags’ website and put all of your fears to rest. Trust me (and Virginia, my you know who), reusable is def the way to go. xo

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  1. Yvette says:

    The prices are high. And if someone doesnt have a washer and dryer in the house…

  2. First thought, yea, nasty, BUT, I certainly do not throw my undies out when I have an ‘accident’. These are pretty nifty. Can’t stand pads though. But for panty liners, definitly!

  3. These hygiene pads welcome the idea of using pads again. It is hygienic and seems to put away the fear of using pads. It’s vegan so it must be safe. That’s the main reason why I highly value vegan products.

  4. These may actually get me to wear pads again haha

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