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EeeEee, it’s time for another fun Etsy jewelry roundup on VBR! Etsy has some of the coolest, most unique, quirky, and fun jewelry pieces, and I’m super excited to share my current faves with you!

Mighty Indigo Goddess Yoga Mala Bracelet Set by Laura Grierson Jewelry, $54 – If you’ve been following VBR, you might have noticed that I’ve become obsessed with mala beads. They’re beautiful, simple, healing, and it’s a great way to feel grounded and connected to the earth. I’m currently swooning over this gorgeous boho bracelet stack (handmade, 100% vegan, adjustable, and unisex) which includes blue aventurine, soft pink rhodonite, aqua agate, and jasper gemstones. These stones are intended to enhance your ability to:

  • freely and openly connect and express your heartfelt truth with calm, relaxed precision, motivation
  • restore emotional balance, love, and feelings of self-worth
  • open and clear the heart chakra

Positive Affirmation to use when wearing this beautiful stack: “My heart is open to freely and joyfully give and receive love. I am connected to my greatest self and speak my truth easily and effortlessly.”

mala beads

Paper Boat Broach by My Funny Things, $18 – I’m all about quirky jewelry! How CUTE is this broach?! I like to pair this paper boat broach with a preppy, neutral-colored sweater or blazer. The blue adds for a nice pop of color. My Funny Things on Etsy has a bunch of suuuuper adorable pieces.

boat broach

Heart Earrings by MissShenShop, $12.99 – Even when it’s not remotely near Valentine’s Day, I loooove flaunting hearts! I’ve got heart sweaters, heart tights, heart necklaces, even heart tattoos! I had a pair of heart earrings that I wore religiously for years (never ever took them out) until I lost one of the studs recently in my bathroom. *womp* It took me awhile to find a new pair that came even a lil’ close to the kickass pair I had before, and these were the winners! They’re sterling silver (a must when you plan to wear them 24/7), and they’re beyond adorbs!

heart earrings

Essential Oil Diffuser Healing Bracelets by Divining Oil Designs $1545 – Ooh, if you’ve never heard of diffuser jewelry before, get ready to fall in love! I’m currently smitten with Ginny Pappaianou’s (Divining Oil Designs) essential oil-infused chakra healing bracelets. Each bracelet is handmade with different healing gems/rocks, and customers can choose which essential oil they would like to infuse their bracelet with. This one has amazonite, amethyst, rose quartz, and lava rock for heart energy and stress relief. The oil included was peppermint oil which is intended to energize and refresh. You just dab a bit of essential oil on the small lava rocks, and it soaks up the scent like magic. It amazing how long the scent lasts, too!

oil diffuser bracelet

Evil Eye Necklace by  Gina Tonello Designs, $23 – Ever since I had a Turkish pen pal, back when I was like 10, and wellll before the interweb’s existence), I’ve been fascinated with evil eye jewelry. My pen pal, Burcu, sent me an evil eye bracelet that I used to wear every single day… until it broke. Now I’ve got this simple and elegant 22k gold plated evil eye necklace by Gina Tonella Designs, and I love love love it! Evil eye jewelry not only looks hella rad, but it’s intended to protect you. How cool is that?

evil eye necklace

 What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?

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