Oil of Angels Vegan Skincare Review

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oil of angels

Eeps, anybody else as crazy-obsessed with Etsy as I am? I can literally spend hours on that site… hours that should be spent cleaning the house, chasing kidlets (whoops), blogging (ahem), making FOOD ¬†– lol, it’s bad, yo. ūüėČ #kidding #notkidding Anyhoo, I HAVE to share one of my recent Etsy gems with y’all!

OK, ladies and germs, meet Oil of Angels! Founder/skincare wizard/HBIC Jill (and total sweetheart BTW) is a licensed esthetician who has a passion for creating super pure, all-natural, highly effective, vegan cosmetics (some of which contain mega sparklies, stay tuned). Oh, and all of the oils she uses are 100% certified organic and cold-pressed, which I LOVE.

The goods:

Whipped Body Butter, $29 – When I first opened this container, it had a beautiful flowery swirl, which I unfortunately smooshed, but you can still get the gist of it from the pic below. I’m a sucker for pretty presentations, so I already knew I was gonna like this product. This all-natural whipped butter (featuring moisture-rich shea and cocoa butter) is so light and fluffy, and it smells like frickin’ CHOCOLATE!¬†It applies effortlessly and makes my skin feel A-M-A-Z-E (especially after a hot bath).

oil of angels body butter

Shimmering Body Oil, $25 – Fellow glitter fiends, get ready to swoon! From Oil of Angels’ website: Be prepared to bask in the sublime glow of your own radiant aura with this unique illuminating body oil!¬†This lightweight oil¬†contains beautiful golden¬†micas (swimming in coconut and sunflower oils), which give you a nice, subtle, golden¬†glow – perfect for summer! And when I say subtle, it really is super subtle, so don’t worry about your body looking like this¬†afterward. Be sure to mix well before using. ūüėČ

oils of angels body oil

Facial Cleaner, $26 – My hubby and I are all about¬†this cleaner (isn’t it¬†nice that I share my VBR swag with my mister?). Anyhoo, it’s soothing, degunking, gentle, and it¬†totally smells delish and citrus-y. Rockstar ingredients include aloe, green tea, lemongrass and tea tree essential oils, all stuff the skin loves!¬†This cleanser has a gel-like consistency¬†and a little bit goes a long way. Best for normal/combo skin.

oil of angels cleanser

Exquisite Antioxidant Serum (facial oil), $39 – ¬†Ooh, y’all know how I feel about beauty oils…. and this bad boy has pretty much all of my faves: argan, sea buckthorn, borage,¬†evening primrose, rosehip, and pomegranate seed. Y’all, these are fancy, $pency, luxury, wrinkle-fightin’, age-defyin’ oils (with zero filler carrier oils). Lately I’ve been going back and forth between argan, sea bucktthorn, and rosehip oil, but now I get to enjoy¬†them all at the same time – it’s like a beauty oil love fest!

oil of angels serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin B5 and Botanicals, $36 – From their website: This lightweight, water-based serum helps to keep the skin hydrated by slowing down the rate of water evaporation, while simultaneously infusing the skin with moisture. Eee, it’s all science-y, I love it! So, yeah, it does all that, and it really is lightweight, easily absorbed, and non-greasy.¬†It does have a bit of a tightening effect which I like because that’s how you know magic is taking place. ūüėČ

Overall impression:¬†I’m blown away by these high quality, handmade goodies! They’re made with the finest, most effective ingredients, and I’m a big fan of the glass packaging. Oil of Angels is a 100% vegan line so no need to triple check ingredient labels (which is a relief for obsessive label readers like myself). Anyhoo, I highly recommend these beauty products. Excited to share more goodies from O of A with you guys down the line. Stay tuned. xx

Products were provided for review. Opinions are my own.

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