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me & the girls

Ladies and germs, meet one of my new fave all-natural, vegan & cruelty-free skincare lines: Me & The Girls. All of their products are made with certified organic, raw and cold-pressed ingredients, including Cupuacu Seed Butter which is like the motha of all wrinkle fighters!

If you’re looking to sample a bunch of stuff from their line (and trust me, you are!), I highly recommend their Mini Beauty Luxury Trial & Travel Set (8 Pcs), $64. It includes their Limonum Body Scrub, Lavandula Revive Softening Creme, Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer, Moon Serum, Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub, Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar, Lip Moisturizer, and a bamboo spoon… oh, and this adorable travel bag. Hellz yeah!

me & the girl skincare

The goodies inside:

Bar Beleza 3-in-1 Beauty Bar* – Um yeah, this stuff is pretty much magic in a tube! It’s MEGA hydrating with its cupuacu seed butter, and it’s hella versatile, too. It can be used as a light non-greasy daytime moisturizer, a nourishing non-foaming oil cleanser, or all-in-one facial primer and conditioner. I persoanally like to use this as an all over body moisturizer. It’s great for rough spots that need a lil’ extra TLC like elbows and footsies. Love that it comes in a convenient twist-up tube, too – easy to apply and great for traveling!

me & the girls vegan skincare

Lip Moisturizer* – You know me and lip balms… I own 5,234,173.7 of ’em and I’m super picky when it comes to my faves. I love the smooth formula of this one and it doesn’t have a lumpy consistency that I’ve noticed a lot of vegan formulas have. It’s great for chapped lips and especially feels like heaven after rockin’ a DIY sugar lip scrub.

Moon Beauty Serum* – First of all, LOVE the name – moon anything pretty much rocks my socks off. This oil serum is rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, making it awesome for anti-aging. I slather beauty oils on my face every single night before Zzzz’ing, and I’m super excited about this one because it’s the first time I’ve used one with Cupuacu Seed Butter. Skin responds best to beauty products when you switch them up from time to time, so my beauty oil-obsessed mug is happily welcoming its new friend (maybe bff? we shall see…).

me & the girls moon serum

Limonum Sugar Body Scrub – These scrubs come with a cute lil’ bamboo wooden spoon, which I love. This body scrub is made with fine-grain raw organic sugar cane, coconut oil, superior cupuacu seed butter, and avocado, making it super exfoliating and hydrating. It’s a wonderful skin polish and it smells divine – like yummy lemons, perfect for summer!

me & the girls body scrub

Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub* – Like their body scrub, this is pretty bomb. I actually love it even more because of its minty charm (spearmint & peppermint). Oddly, I don’t pick up the lavender scent at all, so it must be super subtle. Either way, it’s quite lovely.

me & the girls foot scrub

Lavandula Revive Foot Softening Crème – I’ve been really bad (or rather good) at neglecting my beloved tootsies as of late. When I received this foot creme, I made a point to carve out some time to pamper my feet. Using this foot creme post foot scrub is the best! My feet smell mad yummy (again with the minty awesomeness) and feel suuuuper smooth when I use this combo.

me & the girls moon moisturizer

Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer – From MATG’s their website: This intensely therapeutic natural cream is unmatched in its effectiveness. This moisturizer is a bit tricky to apply. It’s super thick and waxy, and it requires some extra rubbing action. It is a teensy bit gritty, too, but that’s no big. It’s suitable for all skin types, and it seriously packs a punch in the moisture department. I personally love thick nighttime facial moisturizers, but this one is a little too thick (a bit higher maintenance than I’m used to). I do plan on using the rest of this on other parts of my body, though.

And as if these MATG products weren’t already on a whole other level of awesome, they also support social justice for all of womankind, namely women and girls who are victims of human trafficking and other forms of sexual violence. You can learn more about their charitable foundation, The Hope Bag Mission, here.

* = fave products

Press samples have been provided for review.

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