LUSH’s Life’s A Beach Body Scrub Review

June 2, 2015By 1 Comment

lush life's a beach

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with body scrubs… DIY, store-bought, salt-based, sugar-based, I need ’em all! Dead skin cells ain’t welcome on dis bod! And one thing I’m certainly not down with when it comes to scrubs are microbeads.

Microbeads are tiny bits of evil plastic (exfoliants) found in products like facial scrubs, body scrubs, and toothpastes. The reason they mega suck is because they’re so small, they pass sewage treatment without being filtered and result in plastic particle water pollution. Poor Mama Earth, we’re such d*cks to her. Ugh.

Enter LUSH and their brand new limited edition sand & sea salt body scrub, Life’s A Beach ($6.95, available starting June 5th on and in stores)! I’ve tried many a scrub but have never experienced or even heard of a sandy scrub (and one with such a clever name) – it’s genius! It’s got a luscious vanilla-caramel scent, too. Icing on the cake –  100% of the sale price will be donated to grassroots organizations that are working to put an end to microplastic pollution. A-frickin’-men!

Just a heads up, it doesn’t quite lather like a lot of scrubs I’ve tried, but it def kicks ass at sloughing off dead skin. Also, its yummy warm vanilla scent lingers throughout the day which is a huge bonus… smells SO good!

lush lifes a beach

Wanna do even more awesomeness for the environment? Sign the petition to urge local and federal governments to put a stop to microbeads in cosmetic products here: xo

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  1. The scent sounds delicious. Hooray for no micro beads!

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