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crueltyfree cleaners

So you’ve made the transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle and have given up meat (and possibly/hopefully dairy), have dumped/donated/gifted all of your animal unfriendly clothes and shoes (leather, wool, and silk, etc.), and you’ve ditched your animal tested beauty products for cruelty-free versions… what’s next? Household cleaning products!

There are a TON of wonderful cruelty-free brands of cleaning products to choose from (that are often exclusively vegan and non-toxic to boot), so let’s dive in!

Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

Agaia, Inc.
Allen’s Naturally*
Aspen Clean (Canadian Company)
Astonish (U.K. Company)
Better Life
Bio D* (U.K. & Ireland)
Bio Pac*
Charlie’s Soap*
Citra Solv*
Clean Via
Clean Well*
Common Good
Country Save*
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Eco Max* (Canadian Company)
Earth Friendly Products*
Earthwise (New Zealand)
EcoLeaf* (U.K. Company)
Eco Nuts*
Faith in Nature* (U.K. company)
Grab Green*
Grime Eater Products (Canadian Company)
J.R. Watkins
LFT Group (Canadian Company)
Magick Botanicals
Martha Stewart Clean
Mountain Green
Mrs. Meyers (owned by S.C. Johnson & Son, a non cruelty-free company)
Nature Clean* (Canadian Company)
Nellie’s All Natural
New Leaf Clean*
Om Veda Naturals
Orange Mate*
Planet, Inc.
Pure & Gentle Soap
Simple Green
Sound Earth*
Sun & Earth*
The Good Home Co.
V.I.P. Soap Products (Canadian Company)

* = entire line is vegan (yay!)

Looking to get crafty with your cleaning and save a bunch of $? Try this simple DIY All-Purpose Household Cleaner! xo

Wow, being vegan/veg/cruelty-free is seriously ridiculously easy. If you’re ever in doubt, just revisit this list and also peep the lists of animal-friendly make up, skin care, and hair care brands, too!

What’s your favorite brand of cruelty-free cleaning products?

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  1. Vicky says:

    Holy smokes! I actually had no idea there were THAT many cruelty-free AND vegan cleaning brands!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome list. I’m on the hunt for some new natural dish soap that works.. I’ve tried Eco Max and it was like just pushing the grease around, didn’t do squat.

    Now I’m using Seventh Generation which works but not as natural as I want the ingredients to be. sigh!

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