Ryan Gosling Vegan Sugar Cookies FTW!

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ryan gosling

TGIF, my beautiful interwebular friends! I’m about to kick Frietag up a few notches by introducing y’all to the greatest thing evah – vegan Ryan Gosling sugar cookies! OMFG OMFG! RyGos cookies, y’all!! You can lick his face without being a creepenstein. Finally! (or is that still creepy?… don’t answer that.) 😉

How does this magic happen? I use this rad Ryan Gosling Cookie Cutter ($9.50) from Francesca4me’s Etsy shop.

ryan gosling cookie cutter

This cookie cutter is made of PLA plastic using a 3D printer—fannncy (seriously, the future of technology makes my brain hurt with awesomeness)! The material makes it delicate so know that it’s a hand wash sitch with luke warm water (to prevent warpage – and don’t you dare mess with my man’s face!). Full directions and care instructions are included when your purchase this cookie cutter.


My lil’ man enjoys Ryan Gosling’s face as much as his momma does… at least in cookie form.

rygos cookies

Ryan Gosling, you are delicious! …especially when paired with tea. Zoiks, my hubbers is gonna kill me. 😉

Be sure to check out VBR’s Yummy & Simple Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe for this ultimate RyGos treat.

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