30 Eco-Friendly Tips for Earth Day (And Every Day)

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Happy Earth Day! Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be as easy as pie (Mmm… pie… want!). Enjoy these simple earth-friendly tips that will not only benefit Mama Earth, but they’ll also save you some mulah in the long run. xoxo

30 Eco-Friendly Tips for Earth Day (And Every Day)

1. Go vegan
2. Grow your own food
3. Start composting
4. Use a reusable water bottle
5. Use cloth napkins
6. Bring tote bags to the grocery store
7. Don’t leave the tap running
8. Use a cup to rinse after brushing
9. Take shorter showers
10. Shower with a friend 😉
11. Switch to CFL or LED light bulbs (they last waaaaay longer and use less energy)
12. Insulate your home
13. Carpool
14. Ride a bike
15. Unplug appliances when not in use (they use electricity even when they’re off!)
16. Buy energy efficient appliances
17. Line dry clothes
18. Turn off lights when not using
19. Swap old clothes
20. Shop at thrift stores
21. Recycle
22. Ditch hard copies and buy e-books and subscribe to e-zines
23. Make your own beauty products
24. Make your own cleaning supplies
25. Borrow instead of buy (clothes, equipment, books, etc.)
26. Switch to paperless billing
27. Use rechargeable batteries
28. Buy local
29. Cut down on junk mail
30. Plant a tree

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly tips?

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