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This is a guest post by Belinda S., creator of Mystical House Organic Skincare. Be sure to check out Mystical House on Facebook and Instagram, too!

gurunanda pulling oilI have been using GuruNanda’s Pulling Oil every day for about a month. I have not been able to keep swishing for 15 to 20 minutes, as suggested on the bottle, but I have managed between 5 and 10 minutes. I believe even this amount of time helps, at least for oral health. I feel little specks come loose from between my teeth. The oil is excellent for reaching where a toothbrush can’t go and picking up tiny particles even dental floss misses.  This alone would help prevent tooth decay and gum problems and the minty taste leaves your breath fresh.

GuruNanda knows people may have trouble swishing for the recommended time and states “With frequent use, gradually increase your pulling time up to 15 minutes.” They also warn, ” You must brush your teeth after you pull oil as oil forms a biofilm on top of teeth. Biofilm can trap microorganisms between the biofilm and teeth, which can create dental issues.”

The main purpose of pulling oil, however, is to remove toxins in your body. The act of swishing the oil pulls the oil soluble toxins and harmful microbes residing in the mouth from the fat cells. When practice regularly, oil pulling can reduce inflammation. That is because as the level of toxins in the toxic fat decreases, the body withdraws water around them and reduces inflammation.

GuruNanda Pulling Oil is a simple concoction of sesame oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and peppermint oil.   Sure, you could make it yourself but with this already prepared bottle of 8.45 ounces you have enough for several months using one teaspoon at a time as suggested.  At $14.95 a bottle, I feel it’s well worth buying it prepared and a good investment to your health.

Have you tried oil pulling? What’s been your experience so far? 

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