Beurre Essentiels Shea Body Butter Review

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beurre essentielsWhat do you get when you work in an office and have a son in kindergarten? A paranoid mom who can’t stop washing her hands. It’s true. I can’t. Those two things are wretched vehicles for illness. If you swabbed each of them and gave the sample to a lab for testing, the place would probably explode from bacterial overload.

While I haven’t gotten sick this season (I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?), the obsessive hand-washing has my hands looking drier than the state of California.

Alas, a cure was discovered. For the gnarliest of moisture depleted areas, I use beurre essentiels. The shea body butter cream is not messing around when it comes to hydration. It’s packed with grapeseed, jojoba, vitamin E and 80% shea butter, and it’s super duper hydrating. And the lavender option smells divine!

I do not recommend using this during the day though. It’s pretty heavy and greasy. This is the kind of stuff you put on your feet and hands at night and then cover ’em with socks and gloves. The next morning, you will find that a miracle has taken place. This shizzle is for rizzle. Get on it if you have hand-washing OCD like me.

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