Make An Animal-Friendly Fashion Statement with FTLA Apparel

March 9, 2015By 4 Comments

I love love LOVE finding new and exciting ways to express my love for animals!

I recently became acquainted with FTLA Apparel through Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with every single item. Kim, the HBIC/CEO/Creative Genius behind the brand is an absolute doll, too! We’ve never met in person (only exchanged e-mails), but I feel like she’s my homedog.

All FTLA designs are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, hand printed, and suuuuuuuuper cozy. I practically live in my “Vegan” off-the-shoulder sweatshirt pictured below ↓. Not only is this sweatshirt hella comfy and sexy (Right? You betta say yes!), 😉 it’s an awesome conversation starter. Every time I’m out and about (no exaggeration), someone always brings up veganism with me… and of course, I drop some mad knowledge as a result. 😉

ftla vegan sweatshirt

Speaking of sexy, if you wanna make the boys swoon and you happen to have awesome back muscles (I def do not qualify), you have to get you hands on one of these bad boys ↓. Three things that make this backless tee crazy rad: 1) It’s insanely soft and comfortable (all FTLA items are), 2) It’s undeniably H-O-T, and 3) It says “#CrueltyFree” which happens to be one of my most used Instagram hashtags. When I saw this tee, I was like “NEEEEEEEEED.” This tee has inspired me to work on my lats and traps STAT. 😉

ftla cruelty-freeFTLA donates a portion of the proceeds to The Beagle Freedom Project and to various local animal rescues/shelters.

Be sure to follow FTLA Apparel on Instagram & Facebook, and stay tuned for a giveaway soon on VBR!

ALSO, enjoy 10% off your FTLA order when you use the coupon code SUNNY10 (all caps) when checking out at #YAY

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  1. Kate says:

    Those tops look so comfy! I’ll definitely be grabbing some of those before Winter arrives. And i’ve just gotta say, your hair colour is amazing 🙂

  2. You’re absolutely STUNNING Sunnny!
    Thank you so much for the AMAZING review of my FTLA Apparel!
    I’m truly honored and you’re my homedog for sure

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