Everyday Shea Body Lotion Review

March 27, 2015By 3 Comments

This is a special guest post by James Michael Jones who runs the vegan and naturalist blog Site for Humans. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

My intention for this article was to pen a brief essay reviewing some of my favorite manly vegan products. Although my mind ran to shaving creams and serious deodorants, I quickly realized that there is a serious lack of animal free, male oriented merchandise on the market today – a main reason I make the majority of such things myself. In reaction, I decided to review an androgynous product that has gotten myself and my bone-dry winter skin though many cold days. This vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and non-GMO body lotion is made by the Everyday Shea, and it really works well.

everyday shea

Purchased for just under $10 from my local health foods store, I got 32 oz. of passion fruit infused lotion. Other scent options were Lavender, Vanilla, Coconut, and Coconut with Lime, but
after an in-store test of all smells available, I felt the “Passion Fruit” was sure to be the most universally pleasing.

Now I will warn you, the scent is VERY strong. Honestly, I’ve been told I smell like a fruit salad for about an hour after application, but I feel it is worth it. This lotion is thick enough to withstand the dryness of my winter skin, yet still non-greasy or oily and leaves no residue behind. Everyday Shea offers moisture and a back-story of social sustainability, so one’s skin and heart are mutually satisfied. And if your skin is like mine this time of year, it may be worth you checking out as well.

Major benefits

  • Moisturizing without feeling greasy
  • Pleasant, fragrant smell
  • Vegan and fair-trade
  • Cost effective
  • Socially responsible

Key Ingredients: Lemongrass Extract (soothing, antioxidant), Shea Leaf Extract (antioxidant, antibacterial), Handcrafted Shea Butter (moisturizing, protective, emollient), Red Palm Oil (antioxidant, vitamin A, moisturizing)

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  1. Mango says:

    I don’t have the lotion for the body but I do have two face lotions and two conditioners. The products are truly amazing and great value for the amount you receive! I just wish it was more readily available. Plus, one of the products I have is coconut scented and it smells so yummy. Definitely a great brand to invest in (with all the social & ecological reasons + no animal testing, vegan,non-gmo etc.)!

  2. Sarah Price says:

    I literally just purchased this last night, but I got it in Vanilla. I have their pure shea butter in passion fruit, and unscented, and I’m almost done with both. I like the convenience of the pump instead of the tub, but you still get a really hydrating lotion. I really wish I had the coconut one though, I’ve never seen that!

  3. This sounds great! Really good value for money, too. xxx

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