Ayushi Vegan Skincare Review

February 3, 2015By 3 Comments

ayushi Facial Glow Lotion

Sometimes we see things that look different than how they usually look, and we panic – kind of like how my man feels when he sees me without my face on. It’s pretty sad that as a society we are so accustomed to photoshopping the hell out of everything, so we have no idea what something is actually supposed to look like (Disclaimer: I fully participate in this by filtering photos and desperately shellacking my face every morning. )

This happened to me when I opened the box of Ayushi skincare. The ingredients separated and I freaked the eff out. Then I visited their site and learned that it is supposed to! They mix things like coconut oil, which solidifies at room temperature, with basil oil, which doesn’t. Lots of companies will get around the separating of ingredients by adding phthalates, a chemical agent. Yuckster. I’ll pass on those, thanks.

All of Ayushi’s products are free of phthalates, parabens (which The Breast Cancer Fund says has a direct correlation to breast cancer!) and anything that isn’t au natural. All organic and cruelty-free, they have a wonderful variety of face and body washes, lotions and soaps. This stuff is the real deal. You must check out the website. They have an awesome page with information about the contents of every item they sell.

I’m tired of filtering myself and never leaving the house without dunking my head in a vat of concealor. I respect Ayushi so much for selling a product the way it is supposed to be. I’m not saying I’ll leave the house without a bit of white out under my eyes today, but maybe if I keep using their Facial Glow lotion, I won’t need it for much longer!

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  1. It is hard to find products like Ayushi’s since people look for short term results ignoring the long term problems they may catch up. Having natural ingredients in the cream without any chemicals is of course something that you don’t find everyday. Kudos to Ayushi’s.

  2. Adi says:

    Ugh, I too hate editing my photos. And I don’t wear make up so my “minor” cystic acne is always showing. :/
    I’m so paranoid after using Lush on my face and completely breaking out (this is when the acne started) so the most natural things will definitely be the best, as in 500% organic and natural ingredients. I’ll check out their website right now; thank you. 🙂


    • Kiki says:

      True! I buy most of my facial products of Etsy as they are usually homemade and not full of something that’s going to break me out. I have very dry skin and large pores so I’m wary when it comes to almost anything that goes on my face.

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