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January 14, 2015By 1 Comment

kaeng raeng

Awhile back ago, Kaeng Raeng showed up on my radar when they came out with a detox/cleanse kit (i.e. nutritionally dense meal replacement packets for mixing with juices, water, etc.). I loved how they advertised their cleanse as being vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, caffeine-free, nut-free, non-gmo, all-natural, with only locally sourced ingredients. So, when they came out with a super pure skincare line, I was like, “YES! Mama NEEDS!”.

I was recently sent some of their beauty products to try, and they totally exceeded my expectations. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from a company that had been specializing in the realm of juice detoxes, but it totally makes sense now – they just took detoxing to the next level by focusing on the skin as well. Beauty is an inside and outside job. 😉

The goods:

After Glow Moisturizing Facial Serum – In short: smells amaze (props to lavender, frankincense, and neroli essential oils), antibacterial (for optimal breakout preventage), lightweight and easily absorbed, and has potent wrinkle fightin’ properties (thanks to  essential fatty acids, tocopherols and phenols, carotenes, and squalene). I’ve added this to my arsenal of nightly beauty oils, and it’s nothing short of divine!

Detoxfoliant Lavender Vanilla Natural Sea Salt Body Scrub – Dead sea salt + Himalayan pink salt = exfoliatin’ dream team. Organic shea butter + apricot oil = skin like buttah. Lavender + vanilla = fuggedaboutit!

Detoxifying Charcoal Cleansing Clay – My fave of the three! This unique mineral-rich, gorgeous smelling (honeysuckle, vanilla, gardenia, rosemary… mmmhm!) mask uses two highly absorbent, oil-sopping clays (bentonite & French green) and activated charcoal—a carbon that can attract and hold 200 times its volume in impurities – DAAAAANG! You could drop mad cheddah at high end spas for similar type masks, but this bad boy will only cost you $25, which is an insanely good deal! Save your hard earned dolla dolla bills for vegan cupcake binging, which you can later detox from using KR. Am I a genius, or am I a genius!? Ha, don’t answer that. 😉

Love these KR products so much – I hope they keep coming out with more!

What’s your favorite way to detox your skin? xx

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  1. Carolyn McEvoy says:

    Thank you for the quick review of Kaeng Raeng’s facial care line. I, too, first became acquainted with the product line through Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life website (which I love). I tried the detox line and love it as an occasional splurge. So I am now equally anxious to try the skin care serum. I never wear makeup (if I do, I used 100% pure brand products); so my skin is important to me and needs tons of TLC. I’ll be sure to buy the After Glow Moisturizing Serum, can’t wait to try that one. And since the Cleansing Clay is your fave of the three products— I’ll be trying that sucka too! 🙂


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