Old Wives Tail Organic Hair Treatments Review

November 26, 2014By 3 Comments

Winter is here. It got below 60 degrees last night in Oakland, CA. I’m freezing (I know, I know) and everything is dry. My face is so dry and tight that it feels like I just got botox injections. Lucky for my hair, I have Old Wives Tail hair treatments. Old Wives Tail is an itty bitty company in the UK  (big love for the Mom and Pops) that sells chemical and additive-free, vegan, all organic, handmade hair care products. They have a few different types of hair treatments, including an oil option for your scalp and a hair mask for, well, your hair.

old wives tail hair oil old wives tail hair mask

The oil treatment I tried was geared toward rejuvenating and moisturizing the scalp. While I don’t have dandruff, I definitely have a dry scalp and I was eager to try this stuff. It smells great and you can feel it tingling. Don’t you love that? It makes me believe it is totally doin’ it’s thang. My only criticism with this product is that it comes in an open mouth jar and is difficult to apply. You need a baster or small paint brush! I’m not sure why they don’t provide an applicator.

The other treatment I used was their Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask. I love coconut oil for a zillion reasons and it is super as a hair mask. The Old Wives have added some lemon to their mixture, resulting in a lovely smell. Using this product a couple of times a week will really make your hair feel luxurious.

They are 100% against animal testing and claim to donate 10% of their profits to “charities that help protect animals from being tested upon.” They are certainly on the right track and once they get their packaging issues straightened out, they’ll be good to go!

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  1. Saul Boiragee says:

    Do you know what happened to the company Old Wives Tail? I love their hair oil and wanted to get more soon. Thanks!

    I like this hair oil. It works without any hamper and their all products are natural and organic. Thanks for communicating.

  2. Lydia Claire says:

    Do you know what happened to the company Old Wives Tail? I love their hair oil and wanted to get more soon. Thanks!

  3. Saniel says:

    Interesting wonder if work on different hair types and textures

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