VBR Rave: Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads

September 19, 2014By 2 Comments

Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads

I have moody-ass skin. It’s dry in certain areas, oily in others, but I often gravitate to “mature skin” products because I want to fight early signs of aging… basically my arsenal of facial cleansers is varied and vast. Lately, I’ve been hooked on using cream cleansers to really infuse mega moisture into my skin, but I thought I would change it up recently to keep my skin on its toes. I recently tried Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads, $30, an all-natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan powdered facial cleanser and I instantly fell in love.

First of all, I love that it’s a powder – great for traveling! I also love that it’s water/oil-activated, so you can customize it for your skin type. Check out the 10 different liquid options here. I’ve tried mixing it with water, jojoba, coconut, and almond oil, and each mixture is unique and equally fab. This cleanser is also packed with simple, yet super effective ingredients to make your skin feel its best (see below). Ooh, more thing – you can use this as a cleanser/exfoliator or as a mask (just leave it on your face 10 minutes before rinsing). Oops, I lied, ONE more thing – one little sifter jar will last you months!! …I’m all about savin’ them dolla dolla bills! This gets two thumbs up fo’ sho!

tapioca beads ingredients What’s your current favorite vegan and cruelty-free facial cleanser?

*Product was provided for consideration.

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  1. chelsea says:

    I like how it’s a powder but isn’t exfoliating everyday bad for your skin?

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